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Hello Second Trimester! {14 Weeks & Nursery Progress}

Yes, that's right, we've entered the second trimester!! I wish I could say that this meant all those annoying pregnancy symptoms are subsiding- you know, the nausea!! Unfortunately, it's still hanging on for now! Hopefully, it won't last much longer, though I know it could still be awhile! The joys of pregnancy! Aside from that, still feeling okay...more tired than usual, and finding myself getting worn out more easily when shopping and out and about...or more specifically, I suppose it's my FEET getting tired and hurting. Perhaps it's about time to switch shoes? (I'm not wearing crazy high heels, but my boots do have a slight heel, and not a ton of support...but I can't bring myself not to wear them yet!!) I haven't had a ton of cravings...just two: Schwans Fudge Sticks (oh my goodness...delicious!!) and orange juice. At least one of them is healthy, right? We go back for our next appointment next Wednesday!!

At this point, I am very anxious to get things done! Part of this is because of my experience with Shaun! During my first pregnancy, I started experiencing contractions/preterm labor at around 24 weeks or so. We were incredibly lucky and he hung in there until 38 weeks, but it did mean I was on and off bed rest for those last few months. I truly hope we won't have that experience this time around, but want to have as much as possible done as early as we can, so if it comes to that, at least I'm not worried that things won't be done!! I've gotten a large portion of the nursery done (and in fact, as my hubby points out when I express how much I've yet to do...it's technically ready to use, just not decorated as I'd like!)

Excuse the horrible phone picture, I will take better pictures once everything is completely finished!!

Still on my nursery to do list:
  • Curtains: We certainly need new curtains! I'm thinking if baby is a girl, I'd love chocolate brown ruffle curtains...though I'm thinking that style may push the room too far to the feminine side if baby IS a boy. I'm definitely going for brown though...perhaps if not that, brown with polka dots to match the sheets?
  • Baskets/Storage/Organization: You can't see the changing table in the photo, but I have a bit of storage (the diaper organizer, a few Thirty-One products, etc), but I want to get some baskets, hamper, etc to give it a more put together look, and keep everything nice and organized. I'd also love to get something for the closet to better separate the clothes by size...they're already organized that way, but nothing actually separating them, which will come in handy as it fills up!!
  • Wooden Letters/Monogram: This will go in the frame...I've not yet decided 100% which I'd prefer. I'm leaning towards 'Finley' in wooden painted letters though...especially since we'd have to settle on a middle name to do a monogram!!
  • Drawer pulls: Again, you can't see it in this photo, but the nightstand happens to be missing one drawer pull, so I'd love to switch those out! It's still functional as is, of course, but it'll be a fairly inexpensive fix...I actually found some super cute ones at Michael's over the weekend- green gems...but they only had 4, and we need 6!! They were also a bit on the girl side as well though, so perhaps that's for the best!!
  • Wall decor: I'd love to do some little canvases of some type on the wall- above the changing table, maybe? But these are definitely something that are going to be dependent on baby's gender, so we will have to wait to see what we can do!!
  • I'm certain there is more I'm just not thinking of! But as you can see, mostly decorative!

Aside from finishing up the nursery, there is still a lot more on my to do list as well:
  • Research cloth diapers! I've been doing a LOT of this. I am about 80% certain we'd like to cloth diaper- after all, I'm ALL for saving money, and diapers costs add up over time! So right now, I'm researching all the different types. The pros, the cons. The cleaning. All that fun stuff! There is a TON of information out there, it's a little overwhelming!! Any cloth diapering mommies out there? Any tips? Favorite brands? Brands to avoid? (At this point, I think I'm leaning towards the Flip System!) Where do you get the best deals? I'd love all the input you can share! 
  • Finish up the registry & start buying! A lot of this depends again on baby's gender for clothes and color options, etc. I may also be a bit indecisive on some of the bigger purchases...like swings and pack & plays...so many more cute options than what they had when Shaun was born it seems!!! Oh, the choices!
  • Fill up the closet. I've already been searching the thrift stores for gender neutral options, but I'll be honest, I'm a little over buying the yellow and greens...I'm ready to buy some gender specific clothing! I've already passed up so many adorable finds, at awesome prices...I may go crazy if we don't find out before long...Okay, okay, I'll be entirely honest here...I actually HAVE picked up a few non-gender neutral things too. Shaun and I stumbled upon a garage sale (yes, in February, I was shocked too!) that had some adorable baby girl clothes for 25-50 cents each...we could not resist. I warned Shaun that if he was wrong, he'd be explaining to baby Finley why he was wearing pink and purple...but at those prices, we couldn't pass them up!!
  • Research strollers. I know we want an option that Shaun can ride on too (basically, a sit and stand). Yes, he will be 6 years old when Finley is born, and perhaps too old for a stroller according to most, but for us it's very much a safety issue. Right now, when we're out I have to hold his hand pretty much at all times (or be prepared to grab him quickly if he takes off running). He's a runner and has on multiple occasions attempted to walk in front of moving vehicles, or take off on his own. Holding his hand works fine for now, but won't be an option if I'm also pushing a stroller, so I'm thinking this will be our best option...we just have to find one that will work for his size...many go up to only 40 pounds (he's 38 now), but there are a few that go up to 50 too...so hopefully one of those will work for us!! Anyone have experience with this type of stroller?
  • Settle on a middle name!! This was not NEARLY so difficult with Shaun...his name came together perfectly and suits him well- Shaun Taylor! We need something just as perfect! Help!!

It seems like a lot to me, but I know we really are ahead of the game in many ways, and that it will all eventually come together! 


  1. I happen to think the nursery looks very nice as it is and you don't look old enough to have kids. Wishing you good luck with this pregnancy.


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