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Saving On Baby {Sponsored Post: Purex Baby}

When we made the decision to add onto our family, one of my big concerns was... will we be able to afford it!? Let's face it, along with all the greatness that comes with a new baby, they also add a LOT of expenses!! Being a one income family, we're already on a budget, and knew that we'd have to readjust that budget to make it work...but thankfully, I'm also a GREAT bargain shopper. From the moment we made that decision, I immediately started searching out baby deals...consignment shopping, online deals, blog giveaway...all are great ways to save that I've taken advantage of!! (And I promise, I'll post more on that LATER!)

As a Purex insider, I was also given the chance to receive a free bottle of Purex Baby Laundry Detergent! If you have a baby with sensitive skin who requires a special detergent to be used, it can get pretty price-y....I never even KNEW Purex offered a baby variety, but I checked at the store and discovered the price is MUCH more budget friendly than many other baby detergents, and a great way to save in that area!! Like other, pricier detergents, it is specifically designed to not only get out those tough baby stains (like the poop-splosions that breastfed babies tend to bring...or at least MY baby did!!), but it's also designed to be gentler on sensitive baby skin than other detergents as well.

And to help you save even MORE on baby expenses, Purex is offering a wonderful 'Oh Baby! Sweepstakes'!!! Three Grand Prize Winners will receive $500 to help pay for those many baby needs!! I don't know about you, but I could certainly use an extra $500 for baby...nursery decor, a stroller & swing, diapers...the possibilities are endless!! AND on top of that, 250 winners will also receive a FREE bottle of Purex Baby detergent as well! It may not be as huge a savings as that $500 would be, but the way I see it- every little savings adds up!! So what are you waiting for, enter here...you can't win if you don't enter! I'm heading over myself now to try and win! Best of luck to all of you!!

**This is a sponsored post. As a Purex Insider, I received the product mentioned above in exchange for sharing this sweepstakes. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.**

Oh, and speaking of helping with baby expenses...my sweet boy was selected as one of the 25 finalists in the Ingenuity Baby Messy Baby Contest...we now have the chance to win a $1000 Babies R Us Gift Card, or an Ingeniuity Washable Playard...either way, another great savings for us...and we'd really LOVE to win! If anyone could take a brief moment to vote for my little man and help us out, we'd be forever grateful! You can vote here, once daily until January 18th!! Thanks so much in advance!!!


  1. while i don't have a baby yet, this is a great post to save for a future date :) i found your blog through a friend's and love it! i especially love your blog title. i think it's so true and feel the exact same about my life! i wrote a post about my real life fairy tale.

    happy to be following along, would love if you stopped by mine!



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