Sunday, January 13, 2013

{8 Weeks}

Showing a little bit more already! (Apparently, I'm the only one that truly sees this...though Shaun did tell me my tummy was getting big-thanks kiddo...but I'm serious...I have one pair of jeans left that fit!!)
Feeling: absolutely exhausted! Honestly, I really could sleep all day, and it seems to get worse each passing day! The nausea is coming and going, but a bit better than it was anyway...I started loading up on water and cut out soda completely and that seemed to make a ton of difference!! Hands are a little swollen, but not too horribly anyway...really, the exhaustion's the worst of it at the moment!!

Baby is the size of a raspberry. According to my What To Expect App, baby is starting to appear more baby-like!! Another few weeks until my next appointment, so really not much else to share here!
Still not any closer to middle names, a few we've come up with are-

Finley Liam (derived from William, my great great uncle's middle name-one of my greatest heroes!)
 Finley David (after my dad!)
Finley Elijah
Finley Oliver

Finley Kae (my top pick- as Mommy, Mimi and Nana ALL have the middle name Kay/e- hubby doesn't like it at all!)
Finley Grace
Finley Ann (hubby's pick)

We are open to ANY suggestions any of you may have at this point! We want it to go well with Shaun's name: Shaun Taylor, and to be very gender specific to avoid any confusion from teachers, etc (Though, I myself got the confusion as well, with a middle name like Kaye, so that may be inevitable!!)

Big Brother Shaun
With each day that passes, big brother gets more and more anxious to meet his baby brother or sister. In fact, every time we leave the house, he insists we need to go to the hospital so the doctor can push mommy and we can get baby Finley. I'm not sure how he will survive until August! He likes talking to his baby and telling him/her to grow faster! Ha! He's going to be a great big brother!!


  1. Beautiful pic! And I love the blue pom poms! DIY?

  2. The pom poms are cute! And you look great. I think it's awesome that you are thinking about names already... I'm due today and we still haven't decided... hahahahaha. Congratulations!

  3. My 6 (7 soon) year old is autistic and makes stuff in Prisma3D!


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