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Review: Little Angels Bible Storybook

From The Publisher:

100 Bible stories for kids who love to discover new things about life, use their imagination, and have fun—all while learning about God’s love.
Roma Downey played an angel on television for almost ten years, and now she brings a special message of God’s love to your little ones with the Little Angels Bible Storybook! Join twins Alex and Zoe, along with their eight little angel friends, as they learn that God is always with them, watching over them, and loving them.

The Little Angels Bible Storybook features

  • 100 exciting Bible stories with sweet illustrations
  • “I learned that . . .” lessons to help kids understand the character of God
  • Simple activities to encourage imagination and challenge children’s cognitive skills
  • Meaningful prayers to inspire kids to build a relationship with God
  • Easy Bible verses to memorize
The Little Angels Bible Storybook helps give children a solid faith foundation while encouraging them to explore the world around them and grow in God’s Word.

My Thoughts:

Let's be honest, there are a lot of picture bibles and children's bibles out there. So what makes this one special? Well, first of all, if your little one is a fan of Roma Downey's Little Angel DVD series, they will love seeing the familiar faces- Alex, Zoe and all their angel friends make an appearance in this storybook. However, even if you've never seen or even heard of the series, the book stands alone as well. Each character is introduced at the beginning anyway, and truly the focus is on the individual bible stories as well. What I liked about this particular bible, and what I think sets it apart from many others, is that at the end of each story there are four unique features: 'I learned that', 'I can', 'So I Pray' and a bible verse relating to each story. The 'I learned that' feature offers a brief summary of the lesson that can be learned from each story, in terms that even younger children can understand. The 'I can' feature offers simple activities, or questions to think about relating to each story- from making lists, to drawing a picture, or even recreating a particular scene- each story is a bit different and keeps it exciting for the kids. The 'so I pray' and bible verses are probably pretty self explanatory- each story includes and short, simple prayer and a memory verse. Basically, rather than just having a story, this bible storybook really takes it a step further and gets the kids thinking about what the story really means. It's also easy to read for younger readers, with fun pictures for those who might not be reading yet. 
Now I'll be honest, I couldn't get my son interested in this one, but please keep in mind that he is extremely picky...if it's not Thomas or an occasional comic book, it's very difficult to grab his attention. Mommy on the other hand, thought it was a WONDERFUL bible storybook, and will continue to try and catch his interest with it. If you're looking for a great children's bible for your little one, I definitely think this is the best choice I've seen!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the Tyndale Blog Network, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Note: Though my 2012 Holiday Gift Guide will primarily be consisting of small businesses/direct sales companies, I will be adding a few other product reviews that I think would make great gifts in there as well- such as this book!


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