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InstaFriday {10/12} Brought To You From the Hubby's Computer!

Yes, I am posting this from my hubby's macbook. Can I just say I am not a fan? So, why am I using his computer instead of my own? Well, late last night, my husband tripped on my computer cord, and knocked it off the coffee table. He was fine, and for the most part, the computer was working perfectly as well, except though it was plugged in, the battery was losing charge. I've had a battery give out on me before on an older laptop, and assumed it would do as that one did, and work so long as it remained plugged in. No such luck. So a new battery has been ordered but until then... the 'icomputer' (as Shaun calls it) it is! But anyway, onto the rest of the week, which has for the most part been better!

I had a few projects around the house I wanted to get done over the weekend, and one of them was organizing my closet! It needed done horribly! It's still not perfect, but looks a lot better than it did!
(By the way, I'm not sure you can tell, but my dress collection takes up a large portion of my closet...out of curiousity, I counted to see how many I actually owned- about 30! Wow! Who knew!?)

I love this boy more than anything! Even if he can be a little trouble maker!

This morning, Shaun told me he wanted to buy a Toy Story Tunes video on the iPad. I told him we didn't have the money. So he goes to my purse, pulls out some change and tells me again that we need to buy it, and he has money! Brilliant, I tell you, Brilliant!

Shaun thought Mommy needed to wear her princess shoes this week! (which go oh so well with my pj pants, don't you think?). It is hard to believe that it has been 6 years ago this month that I first met my prince charming in person, and he gave me these 'glass' slippers. Where does the time go?

My other project for the weekend was moving Shaun into the bigger bedroom. When we first moved into this house, we asked Shaun which room he wanted, and he ended up choosing the smaller one. Even with the smaller toddler (Thomas) bed, it was still pretty cramped with his train table and all his toys. So I decided we would move him to not only the bigger room, but also the bigger bed as well. My hope is that he will actually want to sleep in it now...really this bed is the most comfortable bed in the house...lucky fella! 

I still have some more decorating to do, but he likes it so far. Because his new closet is so much larger, we can store some more toys in there as well, leaving less clutter around the room! And in case you are wondering, yes, there is a missing drawer in his dresser. Our old neighbors gave it to us forever ago, their movers had lost the drawer and it worked better than what we had at the time (nothing), so we gladly accepted. My intention is to make it a little shelf, but for now, it serves its purpose!

Shaun has a few weeks off of school for Fall break...just when he was adjusting to the school schedule, of course! A few days ago, we went out to try and get a few Fall pictures. Of course, I forgot to make sure that the battery was charged...oops! Anyway, Shaun escaped from my photo taking attempts by hiding in the tree in our backyard...such a fun play place for him (though not nearly as easy for mommy!)

It's here! It's here! My dress for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball is here! And it is absolutely gorgeous! Believe it or not, I have not been to a ball since before Shaun was born, so I'm pretty excited! Stay tuned next month for pictures!!

Sometimes when I tell people Shaun requires 24 hour supervision, or that I don't usually allow him to play upstairs on his own, they either don't believe me, or they think I'm crazy...but this is the reality! Left to his own devices for just a brief moment, and this is what happens...water splashed all over the upstairs bathroom!! There is certainly never a dull moment in our house!!!

life rearranged

(p.s. Don't laugh, but I had to text my husband to find out how to copy and paste on this thing! Ha! Let's just hope that new battery gets here ASAP!)


  1. love your blog layout! pretty gray & yellow :)

    I found your blog via the linkup on Life Rearranged!

    Little Miss Wanderlust


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