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Unwelcome House Guests

I'm not a morning person...at all! So why then, have I been up since before 6 am this morning?

Shortly after my husband left this morning to take someone to boot camp, I heard a strange rustling noise on his bedside table. What in the world!? I looked, and saw nothing out of the ordinary, so I laid back down. A few minutes later, I hear it again. At this point, I'm wondering if I'm going crazy so I turn the flashlight on on my phone (whoever came up with that app is a genius, by the way!) and do a closer inspection. Still nothing out of the ordinary, but I do realize there is a bag of Chex Mix left by my late night snacker of a husband. And then...it moved! The bag moved! Now, I know I'm not crazy. I'm not sure if it was a mouse, or a bug, or what...I didn't take the time or get close enough to look. I grabbed my phone, my kid and a blanket and booked it downstairs!! I didn't even think to grab my glasses (so I apologize if I don't catch some typos, I really can't see so well)...

An hour or so later, my husband came home and I told him the story. First thing he asked, "Well, did you take the bag out?" What!? Does he know who he was talking to? No, I'm not going anywhere near that thing, or I'll be waking up the whole city with my screaming! To say I don't like mice would be a complete and total understatement. If I see one, I may not leave the couch for an hour or so...or I'll step on every piece of furniture to get to where I'm going. (Are you picturing this scene now, laughing?) Thankfully, the hubby took care of this one...of course, I'm not sure if whatever it was was still in the bag...or even still what it was really, but I sure hope it's gone.

Or perhaps I really am crazy and there was nothing there...but whatever the reality was: unwanted house guests, please stay away!!

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  1. I hate mice too! I wrote a similar post about seeing a mouse and some blogger out there in blogger land told me that they were there because my house was dirty. To add insult to injury.


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