Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wallet Friendly Wednesday:A Plato's Closet Trip!!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love a bargain? No? Well...I LOVE a bargain. So when I discovered Wallet-Friendly Wednesday, I thought this was a great way to see how others are saving money, and to share my own money saving tips as well.

So today, I am going to share with you my recent trip to Plato's Closet! My husband does not understand my love of secondhand shopping...he doesn't understand why I just don't buy new...but this is why:

How much do you think all of this would have cost new? If I had to guess, I'd say over $100...afterall, the shorts and purple top are from American Eagle which is not cheap. And the floral button up on the right...still had tags on- $20! And how much did I pay for all of it? About $28!!! Wow! On top of Plato's Closet's already amazing prices, our local store also offers a 15% military discount on everything but clearance!  So, why would I pay over double the price!? That's why secondhand shopping is so wonderful. Yes, in some places you have to search a little harder for the better finds (Plato's Closet only accepts recent styles, good condition clothes so it's pretty easy there), but for the money saved, it's certainly worth it!

I am super excited about our local store's amazing upcoming deal- everything you can fit in a bag from their clearance section will be just $10...I will be there at opening ready to get the deals! My wardrobe is still in desperate need of an overhaul so what better (cheaper) way to do it...lucky me, I am small (small clothes means I can fit more in the bag!) and I am a master at packing...rolling clothes to fit excessive amounts in a smaller bag!! I hope to have a lot to show from that trip soon!!

So, do you love consignment shopping as much as I do? Any great recent deals? Any other great money saving tips to share!? Feel free to join in the fun:

Wallet-Friendly Wednesday


  1. I LOVE Plato's Closet and am super excited they just opened one near us (as in two exits away LOL). Especially by how much I love my Buckle jeans, finding them there (which already saw a couple pairs for like 30-40$ looking brand new) is going to be a score for me!!!

  2. Wow, that's amazing! Great prices & cute pieces :)

  3. I went to Goodwill yesterday, spent $65 on Gap, Forever 21, American Eagle, Banana Republic & Old Navy clothes, plus Steve Madden shoes! I even got a Gap Jean jacket & American Eagle heavy winter coat! I am stopping by from VWB blog shop & a new follower!

  4. You got some great stuff!! Thanks for entering our giveaway!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings


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