Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Guest Room: The Reality

As bloggers, we tend to put our best self forward. We don't post the craft projects that just did not turn out...or the recipe that sounded delicious but was perhaps a bit out of our range of skill. We post only the pics where we look cute, tell only the stories that paint us in a positive light, and when we post photos of our homes, we make sure it's looking it's best. I wish I could say every project I attempted turned out, I looked super cute and put together every day and my house was always spotless...but that's simply not our reality! Particularly, the house! All I can say is...I have an almost 5 year old boy. That explains it all, right? For the most part, my house is tidy...but the laundry tends to find itself in baskets for days, dishes don't always get done that night and the playroom and Shaun's bedrooms...well, let's not get started on that.

Today, I am going to share with you a little bit of our reality- my guest bedroom. After a few months of living in this house...it still looks like this:

Boxes, boxes...everywhere!!
(It kinda looks like we're heading straight for an episode of Hoarders...but I promise this is no indication to what the rest of my house looks like!)

Our new house isn't much smaller than our old one, but the little bit of space that we did lose was all storage! We'd had a good sized pantry, a large storage closet upstairs, excessive storage space in my laundry room...and we took advantage of all that storage! Here, we don't have any of that...no pantry, no laundry room (just a 'closet', with just enough room for my cleaning supplies), and no storage closet! So now I have all these craft supplies, military gear, books, Thirty-One and Blessings stock and business supplies and random home decor and whatever else...all piled into this guest room, waiting to be sorted, but with no place to go!! I am working on getting all this organized and selling/donating what we do not need, but for now this is our reality...and that reality is nowhere near perfection!!


  1. In reality, this is sort of what my bedroom looks like as I try to live around packed boxes and everything I need daily which is crammed in to a very small room without access to a closet.


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