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Five Minute Friday: Dance

Have you heard of 5 Minute Friday? It's this wonderful linkup from The Gypsy Mama- each week there is a new prompt and for 5 minutes, you just write whatever comes to mind. No over thinking, no going back and starting over, just writing. For someone like myself who over analyzes everything, this could prove to be a tough challenge, but one that I am going to join in with nonetheless!

Five Minute Friday



I am not a dancer. (My sisters- great dancers, me- not so much!) In public, you'll likely never see me dance. Perhaps it's my shy nature, but I'm not one to let loose for most part, and isn't that what dancing is all about, letting loose? Around the house, sure, I'll blare the music, sing into the broom (the hairbrush was so high school;)) and dance around like a crazy woman. Sometimes my son will join me...other times, he'll look at me like I'm a crazy person! But that's not a side of me that many get to see! Aside from my home, there is only one other place I can think of that I was truly able to let loose and dance, and that place was one of my favorite places on earth- Camp Illiana (a Christian camp in Southern Indiana). A place where I met one of my best friends, strengthened relationships with other friends and most importantly, strengthened and created a foundation for my faith. How I miss those days of letting loose, being surrounded by others who shared my beliefs and were there for the same reason- to worship wholeheartedly. It is a feeling and an environment that I cannot begin to describe in words, but a place where I truly felt the presence of God and felt the freedom to be me- crazy and silly and not afraid to raise my hands high and dance for the Lord.

Let them praise his name with dancing, making melody to him with tambourine and lyre! -Psalm 149:3


(I will add, that is not at all what I intended to write when I sat down...but isn't that the beauty of 5 minute Friday!?)


  1. I am not a big fan of dancing in the public either although I love dancing in the privacy of my own home as well; especially with my kiddos. What was it about our courage and boldness as youth that drove us to speak out and dance out relentlessly? So wish we would have never let that something go....



  2. May we all learn to dance for Him.


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