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Crush Landed by Michelle Angus: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Book cover for Crush Landed by Michelle Angus

The Book

“What do you get when you mix fire with sand? Glass. A beautiful, yet fragile thing that can be treasured for years, yet shattered in a moment.”

As a sea turtle biologist, Molly Thatcher has finally been awarded the opportunity of her career to lead her own research team to Emerald Isle, one of the best nesting sites for sea turtles. And she isn’t about to let anything, or anyone stand in her way. Especially when that person is a handsome, blond, 6’3” cocky seaplane pilot named Cooper “Coop” Heyes, who she has hired to take her there.

Coop has more than proved himself over the last few years, and is finally ready to take over his father’s business. But will one mistake, involving a bossy sea turtle biologist, and a long time partnership with her company, cause his dreams of finally owning the business to crash and burn? Or will his hopes and dreams head in another direction? One with dark brown hair and flashing brown eyes.

Finding themselves stranded together, can two enemies find strength in one another, and both obtain the things that they want in the end?

“I guess sometimes all it takes is a storm to wash away the past, and show you the love that was there all along.”

The Author

Michelle Angus has been keeping her adventures and her stories trapped in her mind for way too long. Michelle loves to write romcom, regency, adventure romance, and whatever else her mind takes her to. The few things that all of these different genres have in common for her are; they all end in a HEA, they are all sweet and clean, and they will all make you laugh.

She grew up in Arizona, but when asked, she will usually resort to telling people she grew up in Hell. She has been married to her hubby for 22 years, has three amazing teenagers and lives all over the place (Currently Kentucky).

When Michelle isn’t writing… or editing her books. You can usually find her reading and reviewing other awesome books, gardening, or going on adventures with her family.

If you like books that make you feel all of the feels, and leave you happy in the end, keep reading her books!


Crush Landed is part of the Coastal Kisses series. This is a multi-author series with interconnected characters... and even a few crossover scenes. That said, this could definitely be enjoyed as a standalone as well. 

This was such a fun read. I'd enjoyed Coop's character is the first book of the series, so it was definitely fun to get to know him a little better... and to see the ring shopping scene from his POV too. He and Molly did not get off on the right foot, to say the least... which of course, leads to some pretty great banter between the two of them. But whether they were fighting or falling, the chemistry between them was undeniable and oh so enjoyable! Watching Coop go from eternal bachelor to falling hard and fast was the best... and it was definitely a fast romance, but it worked for them, and I adored it. 

Not only is the romance really sweet, but this story has all the beachy vibes too. This story definitely made me want to go and watch sea turtle videos immediately with all the information I'd learned. This is definitely a great read for sea turtle fans! 

Crush Landed is a closed-door romance with kisses only. There is one minor swear used a few times as well. 

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