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Top Tips for Planning a Family Staycation

In recent years, the concept of having a staycation rather than a vacation has grown in popularity. As the name suggests, this is where you plan to stay at home rather than jetting off to a foreign country, finding fun activities to undertake in your local area. One of the reasons for this growing trend is that several economic factors have served to reduce the spending power and levels of disposable income for many households. For instance, inflation levels are currently high, which is increasing the price of many everyday goods and food items. In addition, the emerging cost of living crisis is gripping many countries in both the developed and developing world. This is putting a strain on many adults' finances and making it difficult to save money and budget for a foreign holiday. Thankfully, it is possible to have a superb family break when planning a staycation. The key point is to ensure that there are a range of enjoyable activities to undertake that will be fun for all family members. In this article, some top tips will be explored that will allow you to plan an enjoyable family staycation that is just as much fun as jetting off abroad.  


Hold a family film night  


If you and your family enjoy films, it can be ideal to hold a family film night during your staycation. All you need is access to one of the many movie streaming services, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. On these platforms, you can choose from thousands of top family-friendly titles that will be sure to delight all the viewers. Speak to your family members and make a shortlist of films that can be viewed. You may even wish to hold a themed film night, where you watch a range of movies from one particular genre. This can be ideal if your family is fond of specific types of films, such as musicals or sci-fi. You can add to the overall viewing event, bringing it closer to a true cinema experience by buying some microwave popcorn, other snacks, and some soft drinks. For a truly immersive audio experience, consider investing in some home cinema speakers. Such speakers are available for a wide range of budgets and can add true surround sound to your films, allowing you to hear every footstep, explosion, and special effect in crystal-clear Dolby sound.  


Enjoy a game of cornhole 


While modern entertainment options tend to revolve around internet-based technology, it can often be fun to indulge in family pursuits that are more traditional and do not require tech. A perfect example of this is the game of cornhole. This is a fun and family-friendly game that is suitable for all ages. The aim of the game is to throw beanbags into the hole that is at the top of the cornhole board. A winning throw scores three points and one point is scored if the bean bag lands on the board without going down the hole. The winning player is the first to score 21 points while being 2 points ahead of their nearest competitor. This fun sport is enjoyed by millions of families in America and other countries. The game is simple to learn but difficult to master, making it ideal for all ages. If you find that you and your family members play the game regularly during your staycation, you may wish to upgrade the board to a personalized version, perhaps with your family name on. You can get your personalized cornhole games here. Popular choices include the American flag, which has your family name added above or below it, or you could opt for a unique board that you design yourself. In short, cornhole is a game that can be enjoyed throughout your staycation and can be played indoors or outside, depending on the weather. 


Organize a bike ride into nature 


Many families want to ensure that they stay fit and healthy by enjoying a range of activities that promote exercise. However, finding a group fitness activity that is suitable for all fitness levels and age groups can be challenging. One key example is to organize a family bike ride. The pace of the trip can be geared towards the slowest or least fit family member, which will ensure that everyone can participate. Consider planning a family bike ride that takes you out into nature. Visiting a local woodland or lake can be ideal if you and your family have mountain bikes and wish to cycle off-road. Ideally, you will be able to find a network of cycle routes in your local area that lead to beauty spots. Cycle paths are ideal as they are free of other traffic and can help younger children become more proficient at cycling in a safe environment. 


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