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The Art of Falling in Love with Your Brother's Best Friend by Anne Kemp: Book Review

  *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

All’s fair in love and war…until your brother brings his bad boy, ice hockey playing best friend into your life.

Riley: I’m pouring all my savings into launching my own catering business, so the last thing I need is distraction. Even if he is six feet five inches tall, plays ice hockey, and is probably one of the most intriguing, and also maddening, people I’ve met. Ever.

People say he's grumpy, but to me, he’s funny and kind, too. He’s misunderstood and even though he’s one of the most famous players coming up in the ranks right now, he doesn’t feel seen by those he loves…and I get that. But I’ve got my own fears: that my dreams fail, my mother keeps rejecting me, and the big one––my fear of commitment.

Jake: Getting suspended for ‘anger issues’ lands me in Sweetkiss Creek at my agent's request. Licking my wounds and taking a time out sounds ridiculous…until I meet her. She’s feisty, sassy, and fiery enough that I swear she could melt the ice I skate on.

I never would have thought I’d find solace and an unexpected ally in the person who’s old bedroom I’m staying in. The last thing I want or need is to fall in love––but for some reason my heart isn’t getting the memo.

The Art of Falling in Love with Your Brother’s Best Friend is an annoyances to lovers, brother’s best friend closed door romcom with a grumpy hero, a French Bulldog named Posh, a rescue Collie-mix named Becks, and a turtle named Brad Pitt. Chemistry, swoony kisses, and tension collide in this small town romance!

Anne Kemp is a bestselling author of romantic comedies. She loves reading (and she does it ridiculously fast, too!), gluten-free baking (because everyone needs a hobby that makes them crazy), and finding time to binge-watch her favorite shows. She grew up in Maryland but made Los Angeles her home until she encountered her own real-life meet-cute at a friend's wedding where she ended up married to one of the groomsmen. For real.

Anne now lives on the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand, and even though she was married at Mt. Doom, no…she doesn’t have a Hobbit. However, she and her husband do have a terrier named George Clooney and when she’s not writing, she’s usually with them taking a long walk on the river by their home.

You can find Anne on her website - come say hi! She’d love to hear from you: www.annekemp.com

On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest: @missannekemp

On TikTok: @annekempauthor

The Art of Falling in Love with Your Brother's Best Friend is the fourth book in the Sweetkiss Creek series. While some familiar characters may pop up, this can definitely be enjoyed as a standalone with no issues. 

I have enjoyed every single book in this series so far... but this one has certainly been my absolute favorite. Of course, it certainly doesn't hurt that it's a hockey/brother's best friend romance... two of my very favorite tropes! Beyond that though, these characters were just impossible not to love! Right from the start, their meet-cute drew me in. It was awkward and hilarious... I couldn't help but laugh out loud! This is one meet cute that I'm not likely to be forgetting any time soon! Their chemistry was fantastic right from the start and while sure, it may have had some insta-love vibes, I personally happen to love that! And it worked perfectly for these characters.  While Jake seemed like he might be a bit of a grump at first, we very quickly see that there's a lot more to both characters, and I really enjoyed getting to know them!

And not just them! The side characters caught my interest just as much. I loved the glimpses of the Renegades hockey team and just know their series is going to be absolutely fantastic! I cannot wait! 

The Art of Falling in Love with Your Brother's Best Friend is a closed-door romance, with chemistry filled kisses but nothing beyond that and no language. 

Get your copy: https://amzn.to/3PpFfNS


  1. Oooh, I will have to find this one, it sounds great! Hockey is really popular right now for tropes and books coming out. Thanks for bringing it to my radar!


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