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Head Over Skates by Gigi Blume: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

From USA Today Bestselling Author Gigi Blume comes a new, standalone sports romance featuring a surly hockey star and the figure skater who has it in for him.

Sometimes you have to play dirty to score big.


I've never met a challenge I couldn't deke out—until Emily Brooks blasted into my world with all the subtlety of a slapshot to the face.

When an underwear incident (don’t ask) gives Emily ammunition for her gossip blog Blades After Dark, I’ve become her very reluctant muse. Perched on her Zamboni with a crafty smirk on that gorgeous face, she’s determined to turn my life into one big penalty box.

Not only does this woman have an Olympic-sized grudge against me, she cheered—yes, cheered—for the other team.

When I find out she has a secret she doesn’t want out, it’s gloves off.

I’m tempted to toss her right into the sin bin, but she’s skating circles around me.

In a catsuit. (don’t ask about that, either)

But now the championship cup’s gone missing, and we find ourselves sleuthing in closed quarters—despite Emily’s stubborn determination to keep me at stick's length.

Now I can’t stop thinking about that stolen kiss, and I want another taste.

Am I playing for keeps? Or am I the one who's being played?


My Olympic figure skating dreams got toe-picked, but driving a Zamboni at the Toronto Blizzard Dome has its perks—like not being recognized.

Beneath the cloak of anonymity, my words do what my skates used to; they slice with precision—in my late-night hockey blog.

Enter Owen Jablonski, the cocky star player with more notches on his hockey stick than all the pucks in Canada. Yet he singles me out to—get this—come on to me.

The gall. But the pen is mightier than the skate blade, so they say.

Do I have reasons for slamming Owen’s name against the boards? Yes, I do.

And when a funny post about him goes viral, can you blame me for finding Owen's flustered face a little bit delightful?

But instead of a simple exposé, Owen turns the tables on me and brokers a twisted deal: polish his precious public image in my blog in exchange for his silence on my identity. It's extortion with a side of sultry glares.

And secret kisses against the wall.

He's maddening, infuriating... a reeaaally good kisser.

Now I’m stuck in a reluctant pact with Owen. Stack on a mystery and the sting of his smoldering kiss on my mind, the heat between us might just melt all the ice in the rink.

He’s not what I expected, or wanted. How fiercely protective he is. How he insists I wear his jersey. How my heart flips when he stands up for me.

Or the way his eyes rake over me with want.

Oof. Is it getting hot in here?

I need to body-check my feelings before Owen scores more than just goals.

Lace up your skates and get ready to laugh, cry, and swoon. Head Over Skates is just the ticket for those who love their sports RomCom served with a side of snark, witty banter, and just a hint of mayhem.

🏒 Enemies to Lovers
🏒 Protective MMC
🏒 Figure skater FMC
🏒 Forced Proximity
🏒 Who did this to you trope
🏒 Wall kisses
🏒 Zamboni rides
🏒 Amateur sleuths
🏒 Fake dating

Gigi is a USA TODAY bestselling author and hopeless musical theatre nerd who has perfected the art of lollygagging.

Former professional wedding singer, Gigi lives in Southern California with her personal chef (AKA husband) and two weird and awesome teenagers who take after her more than she’s comfortable with. Quoting movies and pop culture with her kids is one of her favorite pastimes. A Hufflepuff and die-hard Whovian, she’s convinced magic is really a thing, still believes in Santa Claus, and finds miracles everywhere.

When Gigi's not writing about swoony book boyfriends and the women that bring them to their knees, she likes to belt out showtunes, embarrass her kids, and get distracted by her dog.


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Oh my goodness... I am obsessed with this book! 

It's no secret that I am ALL about the hockey romances lately, so I was definitely excited for this one. Not only did it meet my expectations... but it far exceeded them. Right away I was drawn into these characters' lives. The banter was fantastically done and oh my goodness, the chemistry! Just wow! It was interesting seeing Emily's perception of Owen, because when we see his POV, he seems so far different than what she has been told. Yeah, he was a little on the cocky side sometimes... but also super sweet and protective too. I found myself wondering what on earth was going on, knowing there had to be more to the story... and boy was there! I won't give anything away, but I loved all the twists and turns that kept me wanting to read on. There was a bit of a mystery and lots of amateur sleuthing which was definitely made it all that much more fun to read too. I really just could not put it down!

Head Over Skates is a closed-door romance with sizzling kisses, but nothing beyond that. There is, however, a good amount of innuendo and minor language and as such might not be for everyone. 

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