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Allie's Amish Family Miracle: Author Guest Post + Giveaway


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About the Book

Allie's Amish Family Miracle

Title: Allie's Amish Family Miracle 
The Amish Women of Lawrence County #5
Tracy Fredrychowski
Publisher: The Tracer Group, LLC
Release Date: March 5, 2024
Genre: Amish Fiction

Two worlds collide when true love enters an Old Order Amish community. Can this young woman go against tradition and find happiness in forbidden love? 

Allie Mast struggles to fit into her new community. Determined to prove her family wrong, she can't help but notice how her Mennonite background and Reuben's Amish roots are causing tension between their two families. Every family has hurts and deep wounds, but the constant conflict pushes her to a place where she will do anything to get what she wants. 

Reuben Raber has no desire to take over Raber Farms & Produce. When his overbearing mother, Saloma, is set to ruin any hopes of him making a life with Allie, his faith is tested beyond measure, and he experiences a crisis of conviction.  

Can this determined couple find the courage to step out in faith and pursue peace and healing even when persecuted for their unconventional union?

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About the Author

Tracy Fredrychowski

Tracy Fredrychowski is a country girl, author, homesteader and everything simple living. She has a passion for writing about the simpler side of life, much like the life she lived growing up in rural Pennsylvania.

Her life has always been intertwined with the Amish, and it’s only fitting that she has a genuine passion for their simplicity, sense of community and God-centered lives. 

Growing up in Northwest Pennsylvania she spent her childhood immersed deep in Amish Country. The clip-clop of horse and buggy woke her each morning as Amish men drove past her childhood home on their way to work. As a young woman, she was traumatized by an Amish murder that involved a family member and changed her life forever. 

Even though she currently lives in South Carolina her travels take her through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin’s Amish Country every year. During those stops, she researches the communities she visits and prides herself on writing Amish fiction that truly represents the Amish culture. She considers herself very fortunate to have made friends in those communities and values the information they share and wants nothing more than to represent their lifestyle as accurately as possible. 

Connect with Tracy by visiting tracyfredrychowski.com to follow her on social media and sign up for email updates.

Author Guest Post

Lessons in Patience and Love: An Interview with Allie Mast 

By Tracy Fredrychowski 

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Tracy: Allie, I understand you've faced challenges with your mother-in-law, Saloma. Would you be open to discussing how you navigated those difficulties? 

Allie: Absolutely, Tracy, I'm happy to share my journey since we all encounter individuals like Saloma at some point. 

Tracy: Indeed, life often tests our patience and love. Did you find that to be true in your case? 

Allie: Without a doubt. Saloma seemed determined to control every aspect of our lives, and I often found myself turning to prayer for wisdom and understanding to handle her with grace. 

Tracy: It must have been tough. How did Reuben react to his mother's interference? 

Allie: Initially, he was torn. He wanted harmony and desperately wished for us to get along. Admittedly, I didn't always handle things as gracefully as I should have. 

Tracy: Many of us can relate to that. Was adjusting to Reuben's family challenging for you? 

Allie: Absolutely. Coming from a quieter, less opinionated family, adapting to their dynamics took time. While I'm not one to shy away from speaking my mind, dealing with Saloma was a whole different ball game. 

Tracy: Did you ever discuss your struggles with your own mother, and if so, what was her advice? 

Allie (laughing): Oh, indeed. It's never easy to face our faults, but my mother candidly pointed out similarities between Saloma and me. It was a wake-up call, to say the least. 

Tracy: It sounds like a journey of growth. Did your relationship with Saloma evolve over time? 

Allie: It did, but it took an outside perspective to shift my mindset. Another woman reminded me that every family faces challenges and that our struggles can draw us closer to God. 

Tracy: Wise words indeed. Can you share a moment where you noticed a change in your relationship with Saloma? 

Allie: I'd love to, Tracy, but perhaps that's a tale best left for readers to discover in my book. 

Tracy: Fair enough. Lastly, what advice would you offer to someone dealing with a challenging individual like Saloma? 

Allie: I'd encourage them to step back, see the situation differently, and consider what lessons they can learn. Viewing it from a spiritual perspective can often lead to a more constructive response and a better outcome. 

Tracy: Thank you again, Allie. I’d say youre quite wise for your age. 

Allie (laughing): Wise, not so sure about that, but I did have to grow up pretty fast when I stepped into the Raber family. 

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