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Wild about Emmy by Sara Blackard: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Falling for my whirlwind employee? Nope. Not gonna happen. As a man nicknamed Mr. Order, that's the last thing my meticulously organized world needs.

But Emmy, with her snow-dyed pranks and infectious laughter, spins through my life like a kaleidoscope. I'm the CEO who alphabetizes his cereal boxes. Emmy? She's the chaos to my order, the spontaneous to my planned-out life.

Just when I think I can handle her vibrancy, everything changes. She pulls me onto an adventure that's both maddening and exhilarating. On the treacherous slopes of Moose’s Tooth, Mother Nature pits herself against us. The higher we go, the more I learn that sometimes, letting go is the only way to hold on to what truly matters.

In the face of real danger, I realize Emmy isn't just another chapter in my life. She might be the whole story. Problem is, I'm not sure if I'm ready to rewrite my methodically planned life. But one thing's clear–I'm wild about Emmy. Now, I just need to convince her, and maybe myself, that our story is worth taking the leap.

Wild about Emmy is a story of laughter, love, and learning to embrace life's messy, beautiful moments. It's about finding joy in the unexpected and discovering that sometimes, the best things in life can't be color-coded.

*Wild about Emmy was previously published in the Stay With Me collection under the title Ascending Hope.*

Sara Blackard is an award-winning clean romance novelist who writes stories that thrill the imagination and strum heartstrings. When she’s not crafting wild adventures and sweet romances that curl your toes, she’s homeschooling her four adventurous boys and one fearless princess, keeping their off-grid house running (don’t ask if it’s clean), or enjoying the Alaskan lifestyle she and her Hunky Hubster love. Visit her website at

Wild About Emmy is the fourth book in the Wild Hearts of Alaska series. I had not personally read the previous books in the series and found this one read just fine as a standalone. 

This was such a fun read. First of all, Emmy and Brad are such wonderful and unique characters that I absolutely adored--- both individually and as characters. I love how the author took on both OCD (him) and ADHD (her) in a way that felt very genuine. I think it's so important to see these topics talked about openly- in fiction or otherwise- and the author just did a really good job of that. They're both outdoorsy characters, which also made for a really fun and exciting story as they head out on a climbing adventure. As much as I love adventurous reads, I find that lately they can at times be a bit much for my anxious brain... but this one seemed to be the perfect blend of the action and adventure with the romcom moments... with a little bit of suspense thrown in as well. The stakes were definitely high at points, but the humor kept it all balanced out... and I loved everything about it. 

If you're a fan of adventure romance (such as those by Susan May Warren) with some light faith themes, this is absolutely one not to be missed. Wild About Emmy has kisses only and no language. 

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