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Falling in Love with My Chihuahua Shifter by Camilla Evergreen: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

When my chihuahua turns into my celebrity crush, it’s like a fanfiction come to life.

Not my fanfiction, mind you.

I could never write the Doliver Talon eating dog food, submitting himself to tiny costumes, or gnawing on chicken feet under my bed without his millions of fangirls going feral.

To put it plainly, self-preservation forbids me from upsetting the twelve-year-old masses…

It does not, however, forbid me from mingling with a moth prince, a vampire cat, and a grumpy single-dad dream eater in a magical world I never could have imagined.

Even with the imminent threat of encountering Ollie’s alphahole brothers, I’ve finally found the place I belong.

Unfortunately, staying there means giving up everything that makes me human.

And no matter how hard I fall for the man who has spent the past year writing me secret love songs, some decisions weigh less when they’re only fanfiction.

Falling in Love with My Chihuahua Shifter is a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy with light fantasy elements, neurodivergent characters, and plenty of closed-door sizzle.

Camilla Evergreen is an alias of USA Today bestselling author Anne Stryker. Originally intended as a dumping ground for all things lacking fantasy, Camilla/Anne came to the shocking discovery that writing sarcastic, chaotic romcoms full of quippy heroines and adoring heroes has a kick to it.

Camilla/Anne’s neurodivergent tendencies leave her hyperfocused on writing sweet and sassy romances from dawn till dusk and lending whatever her current creative obsessions are to her characters. From arranged marriages to falling for the boss, there’s lots of love to go around.

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Falling in Love with My Chihuahua Shifter is the second book in the That's (Para)Normal series. While you might still enjoy this without having read the first one, I definitely think you'll get the most enjoyment reading them in order as a series. 

If you're looking for a more typical shifter romance/paranormal/fantasy type read... well, this might not be it. Admittedly, I don't think I've ever actually read a true shifter romance, nor do I read a lot of fantasy/paranormal anyway, so I don't have a lot to draw that conclusion from aside from my outside understanding of the genres. These books are definitely super cozy and magical... without too much angst or high action. They are lighthearted and fun... while still also taking on rather serious topics as well. One thing I know without a doubt, you're always in for fun surprises when you pick up a Camilla Evergreen book--- and this was no exception. 

I felt like this book leaned much more into the world of Faerie than the previous book. Again, not usually reading this genre, I'm glad I had read the first book as I found it eased me into it a little more and built upon that. I found that I really enjoyed this world that Camilla has created--- a world where it's absolutely okay to be exactly who you are and to need what you need... gems that will keep people from talking to me!? Um, yes please... my socially anxious/agoraphobic self is ALL for this world! And of course, the romance between Ollie and Brittny was absolutely the sweetest and I found myself really enjoying these characters, insecurities and all. In some ways it did feel a little quick (at least on her side), but that didn't bother me one bit. 

As always, Camilla's books--- and I think this series especially--- might not be for everyone, but if you're someone who has ever felt like you didn't quite fit, there's a good chance you'll appreciate these unique reads. I know I certainly do. 

Falling in Love with My Chihuahua Shifter
is a closed-door romance with nothing beyond kisses. The author always does a wonderful job with triggers and reader expectations, so definitely be sure to read that to decide if it's for you. 

Get your copy: https://amzn.to/49b8sU5


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