Monday, December 4, 2023

Mad About Yule by Genny Carrick: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Santa came early this year, and he brought me a big lump of coal

When I asked for volunteers to help with our small town Christmas festival, I should have been more specific.

Griffin McBride—the arrogant blast from my past who barges in like he’s taking over the project—isn’t who I had in mind.

I want my gossip-fueled town to whisper about my successes instead of my failures for a change. To do that, I need someone to build my dream of a life-sized Christmas village in town square, not push all my buttons until I totally lose my cool.

Griffin has always had a talent for getting under my skin, though. Back in high school, every conversation we had turned into an argument he needed to win. He even has the trophy to prove it.

Now? He’s more than just the cocky guy I remember. He’s loyal, protective, and he defends me and my festival like he truly believes in me.

I always hated losing to Griffin, but this year, it will take a Christmas miracle not to lose my heart.

Mad about Yule is a closed door rivals to lovers romantic comedy without implied intimacy.

Genny Carrick is a sucker for an HEA, especially if there's a whole lot of laughter along the way. She writes romances and rom-coms about stubborn women and the men who fall for them.

When she's not lost in swoony reads, she's probably up to something crafty or trying to get her dog and two cats to love her.

Genny is a recent Texas transplant after a lifetime in the Pacific Northwest, and lives with her brilliant husband & two hilarious kids. You can connect with her at her website,

If you're looking for a great read with amazing chemistry and all the Hallmark holiday vibes, Mad About Yule is an absolute must read! 

Hope and Griffin were so great together. They had been rivals in high school, so when we first meet them, we definitely get all that great banter... but as they get to know each other again as adults, that rivalry turns into chemistry... and oh what great chemistry they had! Genny Carrick is an absolute master of creating those chemistry filled moments while still keeping everything closed doors... and this was another beautiful example of that. I loved Hope's plans for the town and the nostalgia feel of the story... and how he took care of making sure she wasn't overworking herself. With all the small-town holiday festivities, this really did just feel very much like a Hallmark movie... just with more chemistry... and let me tell you, I love a good Hallmark romance! And oh, that epilogue... so sweet! I loved every second spent with these two! 

Mad About Yule is a closed-door romance with kisses only. 


"Pleasant words are as a honeycomb: sweet to the soul and health to the bones." Proverbs 16:24