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The Bookish Bandit by Erica Dansereau & Britt Howard: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Steal my heart, not my pages.”

Aspiring author Charlie Blaire never expected to stumble across her own novel at her favorite bookstore. Except this novel isn’t hers. Published under someone else’s name, the book she wrote to cope with the loss of her missionary parents is already topping charts.

Irate, confused, and determined to regain the rights to her book, Charlie leaves her idyllic life in the countryside of Vermont to set things straight in The Big Apple. When she crashes into a charming stranger who offers to help, her faith in humanity and God’s handiwork is restored. But when secrets unravel and the final pages have been turned, what’s too good to be true may turn a blossoming love story into a star-crossed tragedy.

Andrew Ketner has it all: charm, good looks, a sizable inheritance, and an almost-guaranteed future at the helm of one of New York City’s most prestigious publishing houses. While life looks perfect from the outside, living in the shadow of an overbearing father while reeling from the faith-crushing weight of personal loss has left him feeling like he’s hardly living at all.

When he stumbles across a discarded manuscript he is convinced will be an instant success, it sparks an ember of hope he thought was long extinguished. The world looks brighter until he finds himself thrown into an impossible situation. Will he protect his family’s legacy or end up falling in love with the woman whose novel they’ve unwittingly plagiarized?

Erica Dansereau is the 2022 Best Indie Book Award® Christian Fiction Winner and 2023 Eric Hoffer Book Award Category Finalist for her debut novel, Come Forth As Gold. Her desire as a writer is to glorify God and inspire readers to trust in His love and goodness. A married, stay-at-home mom of two, Erica loves spending time with her family, hiking, and having a nice cup of coffee or tea. And of course, a good book – be it reading or writing one. ****************

Britt has been crafting stories ever since she can remember. From an early age, she has had a passion for writing stories that glorify God and encourage others in a faith-filled life. She believes that books are a beautiful way to bring us closer to God and deepen our faith through the gift of imagination.

Her stories are filled with happily-ever-after endings only. While Britt's books will occasionally deal with more serious topics, such as grief, loss, struggles with faith, and other real-world issues, they will always return to a foundation of hope and joy. While romance is the focus of her stories, you won't find any graphic scenes between characters. Hallmark-level romance is her thing. As she likes to say, her romances may not be steamy, but they sure are swoony.

When she isn't writing, you'll find her editing other authors' books, playing around with graphic design, or trying to work through her never-ending TBR...usually with a fresh cup of hot coffee and snacks nearby.

Britt believes that stories highlighting the beauty and joy of a Christ-centered romance is one way to remind people of the love and goodness of Jesus. Her hope is to point you to His grace, mercy, and love for you through tales of real people who are walking through lives that may look similar to your own.

To learn more about Britt's work, please visit www.britthoward.com.

When I first read about this book, I was very much intrigued by the premise--- but also a little bit uncertain. How does one accidentally plagiarize a book... and how does an author write a character that does so and is still someone that you will root for? I admit, I couldn't wrap my head around how the authors would make this work well... but they absolutely made it work!

Charlie and Andrew were wonderfully written characters. They were flawed and make mistakes, sure... but when we get to know them and see why they make the decisions that they do, it only made me as a reader root for everything to work out for them both. Their chemistry was absolutely fantastic, and I really loved how sweet they were together--- even if they were supposed to be on opposite sides. 

Beyond the love story though, I really love the messages of faith that were so beautifully woven into the story as well. As a reader, I certainly know how powerful words can be... and to see Andrew finding is way back to a faith that he had lost through the words that Charlie wrote. What a beautiful story that is! The messages of God's plans and timing made this a beautiful love story that will absolutely stick with me. 

If you're looking for a fun and faith filled book with great fall vibes, this is absolutely one to check out. 

Grab your copy here: https://amzn.to/3QyydGc


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