Sunday, November 12, 2023

Anything That You Need by Mary Carson: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Gia Nyx is Nashville’s hottest rising young star and my celebrity crush.

Now I’m the small-town, older man who just became her fake boyfriend.

I don’t know how Gia ended up here, in little Henryville Township, NC. I’m shocked when I meet her glamping at the farm next door and more shocked when 
she throws her arms around me and kisses me like I’m her long-lost lover.

Turns out she needs a fake boyfriend, and she’s picked me.

All we have to do is pose for a social media post or two and let the rumor mill run. She says it will be good for keeping her rabid fans at bay. And since I’ve found out my parents could legally take over my farm, I might need her, too. Win-win.

She doesn’t know that my manipulative parents’ marriage makes me extra prickly, and the word relationship makes me break out in hives, even if it is fake. There’s a reason I don’t do commitment.

But spending time with her is breaking me down. It’s her tender smiles from those kissable lips, her flirty looks from those sparkling green eyes, and the way she reaches for me without even thinking.

She’s more than a star and I’m falling fast.

This relationship started out as pretend and I need to remember that.

Or when she goes back to Nashville, I’ll lose both the woman and my heart.

*Told in Dual POV

Anything That You Need is a sweet, funny, fake relationship, age gap, Nashville country star/country boy, closed-door, romantic comedy set in the fictional southern small town of Henryville Township, NC. If you like road trips, love songs, and super supportive family, you'll love Anything That You Need.

Mary likes her chocolate salted and her romance sweet.

She writes sweet and funny romance with a kiss, and you won't be embarrassed to gift her books to your mom. (Well, not too embarrassed. Sometimes those feelings and kisses can get pretty steamy!)

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Anything That You Need is the third book in the Anything series. Characters from the previous books do make appearances throughout this one, but I do think it would read just fine as a standalone as well. 

This was such a sweet read! I am always excited to read a fake dating story and this one was done really well and in a way that felt unique. For starters, it seemed like half the side characters we meet throughout the story are in on that secret too. Without giving away any potential spoilers, Jackson's parents and the rather unique stipulations for his grandparents' will kept things interesting too. It had all the small-town charm you could want with side characters that made the story all that much more entertaining. Though Gia was a huge country music star, she was super down to earth and sweet... and the way Jackson wanted to protect her? Oh my, I just adored it. They were the sweetest together and I couldn't help but enjoy their story. 

Anything That You Need is a closed-door romance with kisses only. 


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