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Ready in a Jiffy: 8 Quick Recipes When Surprise Guests Pop In

Welcoming surprise guests is a delightful experience, but the anxiety of serving them something delicious can be overwhelming. Imagine the joy when you can present a plate full of delicious treats with minimal effort. 

Having a collection of quick recipes can be a lifesaver, especially when combined with some preparation tricks. Storing snacks that can be whipped out at a moment's notice not only saves time but also ensures you're always ready for an impromptu tea or coffee session. 

Starting your week with a little preparation can go a long way. Dedicate a few hours every weekend to preparing snacks that can be stored. This article discusses eight quick recipes you’ll definitely thank us for. 


Originating from Italy, Bruschetta is known for its vibrant ingredients and easy preparation. If you have a baguette lying around, slice it up and store it in the freezer. This way, you're always ready to whip up a quick snack. 

When you have visitors, take out the slices and toast them until they're golden brown. While they're toasting, chop up some fresh tomatoes and basil. Once the bread is ready, drizzle a little olive oil on each slice. Top with the tomato and basil mixture. 

Finish off with a light sprinkle of salt. The combination of crunchy bread with juicy tomatoes and fragrant basil is sure to impress your guests. 


Everyone loves a good cookie, and the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies are no exception. They are simple to make and the perfect treat to have on hand for unexpected guests. To make these chocolate chip oatmeal cookies everyone will love, start by mixing the dry ingredients: all-purpose flour and baking soda. 

In a separate bowl, blend butter with sugar until smooth. Incorporate the egg and a touch of vanilla into this mixture. Gradually add the flour mix, stirring gently. Finally, fold in the oats and chocolate chips. Use a scoop, roughly two tablespoons in size, to shape the cookie dough. 

Place them on a baking tray and bake at 375F for about 8-10 minutes. For an added touch, press a few chocolate chips on top before baking, giving each cookie a delightful chocolatey appearance. You can store these in a cookie jar and serve them with tea or coffee whenever someone shows up without informing you.  


Hummus is primarily made from chickpeas, which are packed with protein and fiber, making it a healthy choice. If you're in a rush and need a quick snack for your guests, hummus is the way to go. 

To make it, take canned chickpeas and drain them. In a blender, add these chickpeas, a spoonful of tahini, a splash of lemon juice, and a clove of garlic. Blend them until you get a smooth paste. If it's too thick, you can add a little water. 

Once done, transfer it to a bowl and serve. You can pair hummus with cut-up vegetables like carrots and cucumbers or even pita bread. 

Aglio e Olio 

Aglio e Olio is an Italian classic known for its minimal ingredients but strong flavors. If you're short on time and ingredients, this is a great go-to. Start by cooking spaghetti in boiling water until it's al dente. 

While it's cooking, heat some olive oil in a pan and add thinly sliced garlic. Let the garlic turn golden but not burnt. Then, sprinkle some red pepper flakes for a hint of heat. Once the pasta is ready, drain and add it to the pan. 

Toss it well, ensuring the garlic and oil mixture coats the spaghetti. Finish with some chopped parsley for a burst of freshness. Serve hot, and enjoy this quick yet tasty meal. 

Quick Tuna Salad 

Many people enjoy tuna salad because it's both tasty and packed with protein.  

Drain the liquid from the can and place the tuna in a bowl. Add some chopped onions and celery for crunch. These ingredients give the salad a nice texture and flavor. Then, stir in a spoonful of mayonnaise to bind everything together and give it a creamy taste. 

You can serve this tuna mix in various ways. Some prefer to have it on a bed of fresh lettuce, while others like to spread it between slices of bread for a tasty sandwich. 

Fruit Parfait 

Fruit parfaits combine the creaminess of yogurt with the natural sweetness of fruits and the crunch of granola. To make one, you start with a layer of your favorite yogurt at the bottom of a glass or cup. Next, add a layer of fruits. 

You can use fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries, or bananas. If you don't have fresh fruits, canned fruits work well too. After the fruit layer, sprinkle some granola on top. The granola gives the parfait a nice crunch and contrasts well with the smooth yogurt and juicy fruits. 

Continue layering until your glass is full. This dessert is a healthier option compared to other desserts, making it a popular choice for many. 

Tomato Soup with Toast 

Tomato soup is a classic choice when you're looking for something warm and filling. Starting with canned tomato soup can save you time, especially on busy days. 

To enhance the flavor of the canned soup, consider adding fresh herbs like basil or parsley. Another way to elevate the soup is by stirring in a bit of cream. This makes the soup richer and adds a creamy texture. 

Once your soup is ready, toast some bread slices in the oven or on a skillet. If you have croutons on hand, they can be a crunchy addition. The toasted bread or croutons complement the smooth texture of the soup. 

Quick Veggie Wraps 

Veggie wraps are a convenient and nutritious option. You can customize your snack based on what you have on hand in Tortilla wraps. Let's say you've got some bell peppers, carrots, and cucumbers in your fridge. 

Thinly slice these veggies and lay them on the tortilla. Cheese can add a creamy texture and a burst of flavor. Options like cheddar, feta, or mozzarella can work well. If you're looking for added moisture or taste, consider adding a sauce. 


When hosting guests who’ve popped in without prior notice, it's essential to offer tasty dishes without spending all your time in the kitchen. For example, tortilla wraps filled with fresh veggies and savory toast can be lifesavers. These recipes not only save time but also ensure your guests enjoy a delightful meal. 

After all, the essence of hosting lies in sharing moments and creating memories, not just serving food. With these quick and flavorful dishes, you can focus on your guests and ensure they leave with a smile, cherishing both the food and the time spent. 


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