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Many thanks to Angel Studios for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.

“What happens when we die?”

This is perhaps the most important question that we can ask, isn't it? 

 From Angel Studios (The Chosen, Sound of Freedom) comes After Death, a film that will allow us to see one of life’s biggest questions play out on the big screen. Take a look: 

Synopsis: After Death is a gripping feature film that explores what happens after we die, based on real near-death experiences, conveyed by scientists, authors, and survivors. From the New York Times bestselling authors who brought you titles like 90 Minutes in Heaven, Imagine Heaven, and To Heaven and Back, emerges a cinematic peek beyond the veil that examines the spiritual and scientific dimensions of mortality, inviting us to wonder: Is there life after death?

After Death features interviews with New York Times bestselling authors, doctors, scientists, and near-death survivors including Don Piper (90 Minutes In Heaven), Dr. Mary Neal (To Heaven and Back), John Burke (Imagine Heaven), Dr. Jeffrey Long (Evidence of the Afterlife), and Dr. Raymond Moody (Life After Life).

I was given a chance to check out an advanced screening of this powerful new film, and I have to admit that I wasn't sure what to expect going in. This is pretty far from the more lighthearted entertainment I typically gravitate towards. No matter our personal beliefs, I feel like the subject of death is just not an easy one to approach. Still, this was a beautifully done film that will leave you feeling hopeful and certainly make you think. 

In the film, we see many firsthand accounts and interviews from those who have experienced near death experiences. The interviews are thoughtful and drew me in right away. It was really interesting to see how so many different people in different walks of life had very similar experiences. What I think really set this apart and will perhaps help it to speak to a wider audience is that it looks at things both from a spiritual perspective, but also medically and scientifically. I liked the balance of hearing from those who were not as quick to believe and who challenged and asked questions. For those viewers who lean more to the skeptical side of things anyway, I think that may have such a great impact. 

John Burke was a skeptic before he first read about near-death experiences. After researching near-death experiences for over 30 years and interviewing countless people who have gone beyond the veil and back, he is now a pastor and an international speaker. He is one of many that we get to hear more from in the film. 

If you're looking for an intriguing film to see in theaters, you'll definitely want to check this one out. 

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  1. This looks very interesting. I would love to see it.

  2. This movie sounds interesting. I'd love to see it and learn about their exerience.

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