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Cool Beauty Careers

 If you love beauty, it probably won’t be long before you start to wonder - is there a career for you in there somewhere? The beauty industry is vast, and there are so many different career paths to choose from - no matter what your interest is, from the perfect arched eyebrow to the plumpest and most natural-looking lips and everything in between. 

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Makeup Artist

From the clean girl aesthetic to the outrageous and bold, a makeup artist is free to play with color palettes and face contouring and come up with fresh new looks. You never know where this career will take you, though; you could be helping brides get ready for their big day, working in a mortuary or on a runway. 

Makeup artists have a genuine love for what they do, so if you’re looking at drawers full of lip liners and more eyebrow pencils than you know what to do with this, could be for you. While you don’t need official training, it does help. Not sure it’s for you? Watch some Glow Up on Netflix and see if the ideas and uniqueness get your creative juices flowing. 

Skincare specialist 

You don’t actually need perfect skin to be a cosmetologist - but you’ll need to know how to help other people get the most out of theirs. From deep cleaning blackheads and pimples to depuffing and chemical peels - people will put their precious facial skin in your hands. 

There are a couple of ways you will know if this is for you: you’ll already know your glycerine from your glycolic acid, and you’ll have made sure you understand the deeper layers of the skin. And, the chances are you’ve given a few relaxing facials to friends and family - and they always come back for more. 

Skincare specialists usually take some courses so they give their clients the absolute best in terms of consultancy and care. 

Aesthetic Injector

Perhaps you want to help your clients achieve big results and walk away feeling like a million bucks. Aesthetics injectors can work in a wide range of areas, including plastic surgery offices, a dermatologist, or medispas. You’ll need to take a course so that you can be a certified Aesthetic Injector, and some of the procedures you’ll do are things like botox, PRP injections for collagen production, and dermal fillers. 

Nail Technician 

Everyone loves their nail technician! As a nail technician, it is a good idea to get some training to make sure you have the best techniques in use and understand how to get the right shape, reduce breakage, and even perfect delicate art. 

Becoming a nail technician is something you can do in your spare time and take only a few clients at a time. To really excel in the industry, you’ll want to make sure that you practice your artwork often and make use of social media - people love nail inspo posts! 

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