Tuesday, August 29, 2023

5 Lucrative Careers For Beauty Enthusiasts

From nails to skin, there are so many aspects of beauty to get excited about. Beauty enthusiasts tend to do more than the average person. Looking up new beauty trends, trying different techniques, or learning more about the industry. According to statistics, the beauty and personal care industry is among the top-ranked industries. In addition to this, it is expected to grow exponentially, with an estimated worth of $688.89 billion in 2028. Therefore, if you are a beauty enthusiast, you can turn your love into a lucrative career. Are you unsure of how to begin? Here are six career options to consider today as a beauty enthusiast. 

  1. Beauty writer

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Beauty writing is a fulfiling career option for you to explore. Combining your love for beauty with your writing skills can fetch you an average annual salary of $67,120. Beauty writers add a relatable touch to products. For example, a beauty writer may give an honest opinion on a product on the market, saving consumers from making the wrong choices. As a beauty writer, you can work with a magazine or newspaper. You can also start your own beauty blog by posting your content. Although the latter option is usually more time-consuming, it is worthwhile. To ensure your career as a beauty writer flourishes, you should ensure that your pieces are clear, concise, and easy-to-read posts. You should also write a piece daily to keep your readers captivated and engaged. 

  1. Esthetician

Are you interested in helping people achieve their goal of enhancing or bettering their features? Then you should consider becoming an esthetician. An esthetician, or beauty therapist, is a trained professional who performs various cosmetic treatments, such as waxing, facials, superficial chemical peels, dermal fillers, and Botox applications. Due to the many treatments one can carry out as a beauty therapist, selecting one area to specialize in is usually recommended. This makes it easier to practice and draws out a niche for yourself. However, as an esthetician, there are several licensure examinations you would have to undergo to acquire the certification you need to carry out this career. Therefore, it would be best to take courses from reputable sources. Additionally, you should take courses relevant to the areas you would like to specialize. For example, an injectables training course would be advantageous if you are interested in Botox applications. 

  1. Spa owner

Would you like to help people feel pampered and relaxed? And do you have business management skills or experience? If yes, you consider becoming a spa owner. As a spa owner, you can incorporate various aspects of beauty into your services. For example, your spa may have a nail technician, a salon, a masseuse, or a cosmetologist. The great thing about this career path is that you are your own boss. However, before setting up your spa, you must know the law to ensure compliance. You should also ensure that you hire professionals who share the vision of your spa. 

  1. Makeup artist

Thanks to platforms like YouTube and TikTok, almost everyone can get their makeup done stunningly. However, these do not compare to the work of an experienced makeup artist. A professional and experienced makeup artist knows the right techniques to create a stunning look suitable for any occasion. They also have the skill set to enhance one’s features by using only cosmetic products. With the influx of makeup artists on the market, you need to stand out from the competition. One way of doing this is by acquiring your various licenses and keeping up with the latest trends. This makes you more reliable, drawing your target customers to you. You would also need to ensure excellent social media marketing skills. This is because social media platforms such as Instagram have become a haven for makeup artists to find customers. With the right marketing strategies, you can attract your target audience and convert your traffic into sales. 

  1. Nail technician 

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A dermatologist cares for your nails and skin concerns, but a nail technician makes your nails look pretty and healthy. Also known as manicurist or pedicurist (depending on the area you specialize in), you must ensure your client’s nails are properly cared for. In this role, your daily tasks consist of filing and polishing clients’ nails, fixing extensions, and providing treatments ot hands and feet. You can work with a salon or a spa as a nail technician. However, you can also run your own business and set up a nail parlor. 


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