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Alienhated by Sophie-Leigh Robbins: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

I hate the alien hottie who got us stuck in between worlds. Too bad I need to work with him if I want to get my life back.

Aliens don’t exist. Right?

I thought so too until I meet Ray. He’s charming, he’s hot, and a complete klutz. Thanks to one of his failed experiments with a new device, the two of us get stuck in between worlds. That’s right, he’s alienated us from the rest of the world. So what if he didn’t do it on purpose? I desperately need to get back to my daily routines, but I can’t. It’s enough to make me hate him.

Too bad I can’t leave his hot alien a** by the side of the road. The only way we’re getting out of this mess is by working together, and that apparently means traveling to a hidden base in the desert.

The possibility of getting my life back instead of being stuck in an empty world with no one but a sexy alien to keep me company is the only reason I don’t give up. But the farther we travel down deserted roads, the more it dawns on me that I won’t ever be the same after this—if we ever make it out.

This enemies-to-lovers paranormal romcom is a funny and lighthearted read that will make you wish aliens did exist after all. Alienhated is a dual POV, paranormal romantic comedy with all the sizzle, but no explicit scenes.

USA Today Bestselling Author Sophie-Leigh Robbins writes feel-good, laugh-out-loud romantic comedies with relatable protagonists, hilarious banter, and heartwarming HEA's, all with a dash of zany side characters.

When she’s not busy creating your next book boyfriend, she loves to read, sew, catch up with friends, travel, and eat lots of cookies (please don’t tell her kids).

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Oh what a fun read this was! I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this book. I'm honestly not entirely sure I have ever read a book about aliens... so this was definitely a new one for me! Still, despite being rather different than my typical romcom reads, I found myself enjoying every single moment. 

In many ways, this had everything that I look for in a romcom. It had the fantastic banter that comes with enemies to lovers. It had a road trip and forced proximity with the chemistry that can bring. And we get a hot but clumsy MMC and the laughs that always come with that type of clumsiness... he just also happens to be from another planet, of course! I think that the paranormal element really just adds to the humor of it all and I absolutely loved it! This is definitely a shorter read--- just a little over 100 pages. As such, it can easily be read in just one sitting. Despite it's shorter length, it felt complete and not at all rush--- just the perfect lighthearted, fun read for the Halloween season (or anytime you want a little out of this world fun!). 

Alienhated is a closed-door romance with great chemistry, but nothing beyond kisses. There is a handful of very mild language as well. 


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