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Absolutely Not in Love by Jenny Proctor: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

My requirements for a man are simple. Must love books. Must NOT love hockey.

Which is why I will never be interested in my neighbor, the aloof and mysterious Felix Jamison, no matter how many books I see him hauling into his apartment. Unless he loses his pro hockey skates, I’m out.

But then he shows up at my symphony concert.

And I catch the sweet strains of Beethoven floating across the hall.

Have I mentioned how incredible he looks in his game day suit?

Still, my history with hockey is complicated. My older brother played, and let’s just say he stole enough limelight to land a plane at midnight. I was forced to be a part of that world for so long, now that I have a choice, it’s the last thing I want.

But something tells me Felix is about to change my mind…

Absolutely Not in Love is a closed-door hockey romcom with neighbor vibes between a bookish hockey goalie and a classical cellist, some forced proximity, and all the swoony chemistry!

Jenny Proctor was born in the mountains of Western North Carolina, a place she still considers one of the loveliest on earth. She and her husband currently reside in the Charleston, SC area with their youngest three kids while the older three grow their minds in college and, thankfully, eat much less of their food.

Jenny loves to hike with her family and spend time outdoors, but she also adores lounging around her home, reading great books or watching great movies and, when she’s lucky, eating delicious food she doesn’t have to prepare herself. To learn more about Jenny, visit her website at www.jennyproctor.com.

Absolutely Not in Love is the seventh and final book in the Sweater Weather series. This is a multi-author series all set in the same small town of Harvest Hollow, with each book able to be read as standalones or in any order. That said we do see some familiar characters from both this series and Jenny's previous Hawthorne Brothers series, though you absolutely do not have to have read any of those to enjoy this one. 

If ever you thought that the ultimately perfect book boyfriend did not exist... let me just present to you: Felix! Even from his introduction in Just Don't Fall (book one in the series, by Emma St. Clair), I was curious about Felix's story... and it absolutely did not disappoint. Hockey player? Check. Quiet and thoughtful? Check. Loves books and has a library? Check and check. And a social anxiety rep on top of all that!? Yes, please! I really just enjoyed his character so much! And Gracie was such the perfect match for him! The chemistry between them was great from the start... the only problem? She was strictly against dating hockey players. Of course, as any romance reader knows, that's a rule that's made to be broken. Still, I loved how respectful Felix was of her decision. While he wanted her to get to know him as more than a hockey player, he also never pushed her. (I did mention he was perfect, right!?) 

Honestly there was just so much to love about this book, and I loved every single minute of it. With every book in the series that I have read, I couldn't help but think all of the authors have brought their very best to it... and this is the same! I have loved every single Jenny Proctor book I've ever read... but this is definitely a new favorite for me. This book is absolutely one not to be missed! 

Absolutely Not in Love is a closed-door romance. The kisses are fairly detailed but go no further than that. There was a handful of very minor language. 


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