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A Not So Fictional Fall by Savannah Scott: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

I live for happily ever afters.
And I'm finally meeting my favorite romance author in person!

Only, all this time, I thought author, Amelie De Pierre, was a woman.

It turns out, Pierre Toussaint is the man behind the books that make me weak in the knees.
He could be the consummate book boyfriend with his dreamy hazel eyes, strong jawline, and those black-rimmed glasses. Not to mention that accent. Oh, that French accent. When Pierre speaks, I feel like I’m curled in his arms on a riverbank being fed chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Not Pierre’s arms, of course. We barely just met. And I’m just me. And he’s Pierre, internationally renowned romance author.

Seeing Pierre in person has me stammering and blushing—two things I don’t usually do.

Imagine my surprise when I receive a call a few weeks after meeting Pierre—from his agent—proposing marriage. Not that I’d marry his agent.

They want me to marry Pierre.

Savannah Scott loves writing happily-ever-after romcoms with scenes where kisses make you melt. Her characters feel like long lost friends, and the settings make you want to take off on a road trip to visit.

You will smile. You will laugh. Yes. You will need coffee because you stayed up past your bedtime reading. Sorry, not sorry.

If you can’t find Savannah, she’s probably hiding with a book, dancing Zumba, or going a little crazy being the fun carpool mom who cranks the tunes and always goes through the drive-thru for copious amounts of sugar and fat on the way home from school.

(Can you keep a secret? I thought so. Savannah also writes as Patty H Scott, which is the Clark Kent to her Superman. If you like clean romance, check out Patty's books.)

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A Not So Fictional Fall is the sixth book in the Sweater Weather series. This is a multi-author series with each book being set in the same small fictional town. Each book can be read in any order or as a standalone. 

Oh my goodness, Pierre is the French MMC that I didn't know I needed... but absolutely did! This book was absolutely fantastic and certainly a favorite Savannah Scott read for me... which is saying something because I've not read anything from her that I did not love! Although I don't read them nearly as often as many other tropes, I have found that modern marriage of convenience tropes has quickly become a favorite for me, and this one was done so very well. Right from their fabulous meet cute, I couldn't help but love these two together. Pierre is a romance author who says he's not romantic... but when he meets Tasha? Well, I just love a MMC who isn't romantic until he is... until it's 'the one'. Isn't that the way it should be? I love how he looks after her, and when he talks in his sleep!? So, so good! Oh, and did I mention that Tasha is a bookstagrammer as well? With a romance between an author and a bookstagrammer (/author assistant/ audiobook narrator), you can imagine all the bookish love in this story... and I absolutely adored that! 

As much as I loved the main characters, I really enjoyed the side characters in this story too. Pierre's best friend Rene was just... awesome! The story would certainly not be the same without him. He added so much humor, and I cannot help but hope that perhaps he'll get his own story in the future... seriously, please!? 

A Not So Fictional Fall is a closed-door romance with great chemistry but nothing beyond kisses on the page and no language. 


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