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Here’s How to Prepare for Your First Microblading Appointment

Microblading is a common beauty technique carried out by trained practitioners. It involves semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing techniques that leave the brow defined, perfectly sculpted, and beautifully presented. People all over the country book microblading appointments, but if this is your first one, it is natural to feel a little worried about what’s to come. The guide here explains how you can prepare so that you go in relaxed and ready.  

Research the Clinic First 

There are hundreds of salons that offer microblading services. So, the trick here is to find the perfect match for you so that you feel completely at ease and understand the environment. Microblading is always performed by a trained professional, and it is important to verify experience before going ahead with the appointment. Finding the best place in your area, for instance, microblading in Cornwall, means getting online, scouring reviews, and visiting a few places for initial consultations.  

One Month Before Your Appointment 

If you manage to book a session this far in advance, there is plenty you can do to get ready. Even at this stage, how you look after your face is important and will influence the results and effectiveness. The biggest thing to avoid is waxing the eyebrow area because this can impact the shape and general appearance of the brows post-appointment. Aside from this, it is recommended that you don’t have any Botox treatments within a month of the date.  

Two Weeks to Go 

With a fortnight to wait, it is better to avoid any facial treatments at all. This is especially important when it comes to using any products on your face area that have Vitamin A in them because this will impact how the microblading treatment goes onto the skin.  

One Week Before 

Seven days before your appointment, you should still be avoiding big facials and heavy product use on your face, paying particular attention to the eyebrow area of course. You also need to step back from any sort of hair plucking and shaving and just let your brows grow out a bit so that they are natural and ready to be primed. It also makes it more likely that you will bleed and bruise during microblading treatments if the skin has been tweezed and so on.  

Two Days Pre-Appointment 

When there are two days left before you go ahead with the session, you need to stay away from tanning in the sunlight as much as possible and drink lots of water. Hydrated skin that is not sunburnt will always take better to this beauty path than the alternative. You should also stay away from aspirin because it increases the chance of bleeding heavily.  

The Day Before 

If you can manage to go a day without exercising or doing anything that will cause a lot of perspiration then this is the best option, especially for the night before and morning of. Figure out some shapes that you would like your brows to take and your appointment leader will work with you to determine what works best for your appearance.  

Get ready for your microblading appointment as early as possible. Everything up to a month before can impact the results so it helps to prepare.  


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