Monday, September 11, 2023

Falling in Love with My Vampire Cat by Camilla Evergreen: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

For five long years I didn’t know my cat could turn into a vampire.

That means I’ve spent five long years squishing little black toe beans, participating in all-night cuddles, and calling a full-grown man my itty bitty stinky kitty baby.

When my near-death experience forces Zylus Myrkur to tell me the truth about how magic is real, I nope my way right back into my fish bowl.

I will not be participating in any tropes, thank you.

This is not a fish out of water, enemies to lovers romantasy.

This is me—barely functional adult—attempting to live my best life, which consists solely of reading books, eating cheese, and falling asleep on the couch.

It does not include making friends with werewolf chihuahuas, meeting a moth faerie prince, or defeating a boogeyman.

And it absolutely, completely, most definitely does not include falling in love.

Falling in Love with My Vampire Cat is a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy with light fantasy elements, neurodivergent characters, and plenty of closed-door sizzle.

Camilla Evergreen is an alias of USA Today bestselling author Anne Stryker. Originally intended as a dumping ground for all things lacking fantasy, Camilla/Anne came to the shocking discovery that writing sarcastic, chaotic romcoms full of quippy heroines and adoring heroes has a kick to it.

Camilla/Anne’s neurodivergent tendencies leave her hyperfocused on writing sweet and sassy romances from dawn till dusk and lending whatever her current creative obsessions are to her characters. From arranged marriages to falling for the boss, there’s lots of love to go around.

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One thing that I have learned to expect when picking up a Camilla Evergreen book... is that it's never going to be quite what I expected. She has such a way of blending humor and poking fun at the tropes and expectations we have of the romantic comedy genre (and in this case paranormal/fantasy), while also creating really heartwarming stories that will make you think (and feel). And Falling in Love with My Vampire Cat was absolutely no exception. 

First and foremost, I didn't expect a vampire novel to be so... COZY! There's simply no better word to explain it. To be honest, while I enjoyed vampire and paranormal fiction many when I was younger, it's been many years (like 12-13ish) since I've actually found one that I enjoyed. But this one? I enjoyed every minute of it. It wasn't super angsty and not in the least bit scary, just simply sweet and magical... in the best way possible. It was like the book equivalent of being wrapped in a soft blanket with a warm beverage of choice. 

Another thing I didn't expect was just how much I found myself relating to Willow's character. Her inner monologue in so many ways felt like the author had just gotten into my head and laid out all my inner most thoughts onto the pages. Her feeling of never quite fitting in anywhere and the loneliness? Oh yes, I felt that! So very deeply. On a lighter level, her thoughts on immortality being that she could actually get through her TBR? Yeah...super relatable. 

Honestly, I don't think this book is going to be everyone's cup of tea... but I love that she creates these stories for those of us who don't quite fit in and who enjoy something a little outside of 'normal'. Simply put, I adored this one. 

Falling in Love with My Vampire Cat is a closed-door romance. There is some innuendo, but nothing beyond kisses on the pages.     


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