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The Second Chance Fixer Upper by Grace Worthington: Book Review

  *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Single moms don’t get second chances, right?

In Hallmark movies, yes.

In reality, doubtful.

Especially when you have a five-year-old interrupting your “alone time” with the man of your dreams.

Put your hand up if you’ve ever moved to a new place and found a wild animal loose in your attic, and your former high school sweetheart shows up, looking just as incredibly handsome as the day he kissed you?

*Puts hand up.* Just me?

Then I probably don’t need to tell you that all I can think about is how I’d like to kiss him right now. . . and that is a big NOPE.

Because I’m a single mom, and my whole life is in a state of major renovation right now. Especially since I bought a major fixer upper in the beach town where I grew up and moved in with my daughter.

I can’t fall in love. And I definitely don’t do relationships.

Not when I’m trying to wrangle a five-year-old into a pair of unicorn tights while getting ready to teach science at the local high school.

There’s no way Jack and I will get a second chance at love. He’s a confirmed bachelor who will never settle down. And I’ve got more baggage than a jumbo jet can hold.

We’re just two friends who once were in love.

Except he’s bringing back all the intense feelings I had when we were together.

Now if someone could convince my heart of how impossible this is, I’d be able to focus on my fixer upper.

And forget that I’m the one who has a heart that needs fixing up . . . by the only man who’s ever had a hold on it.

The Second Chance Fixer Upper brings together a single mom with her high school sweetheart in the midst of home renovation fun! It's a hilarious and heart warming love story that's perfect for the reader who loves clean romcom books.

Grace Worthington eats, breathes, and geeks out over sweet romcoms. So it’s no surprise that she believes that laughter and love are a cure-all for pretty much everything in life. After a short stint working in musical theatre (where she was often cast in comedic roles), she instills her books with witty banter, lovable characters, and a story that moves your heart and soul. Her inspiration includes quaint towns by the beach, romantic comedy movies from the '80s & '90s, and the crazy shenanigans of her family. Snag a free sweet romcom at graceworthington.com

The Second-Chance Fixer Upper is the second book in the Renovation Romance series. While I adored the first book as well and would highly recommend it anyway--- this one definitely reads just fine as a standalone if you haven't read the first yet. 

Oh my goodness, this book was so sweet! I love a good second chance romance anyway, but throw in some home renovation and fake dating into the mix? Yes, please! I couldn't help but be drawn into Jack and Maeve's story. There were so many sweet and swoonworthy moments that had me looking forward to their happily ever after. But it was definitely heavy on the 'com' part of the RomCom with so many that kept me laughing too. That grand gesture moment? Well, I won't give anything away... but I loved it and was definitely laughing out loud!! If you're a fan of HGTV and enjoy a sweet love story, this is definitely one not to be missed! 

The Second Chance Fixer Upper is a closed-door romance, with nothing beyond chemistry filled kisses and no language. 


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