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(Not So) Famous in Paradise by Brittany Larsen: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Which is easier, pretending to date my best friend, or pretending not to be in love with him?

When the biggest career opportunity of my life–my own home reno TV show–sends me back to my hometown, I’m less than excited. Paradise, Idaho might be paradise for everyone else, but it never was for me. Except for my best friend, Zach.

When he signs on to be a contractor on my show, things start to look up. And heat up.

If only Zach wasn’t about to propose to someone else. Even my rocking curves and great hair can’t compete with that.

Problem is, my fans think we’re a thing and want to see us together. And my show’s producers want what the fans want. My TV show is about to become my fantasy–a love story about Zach and me.

But TV is the only place where the story can be true. Telling Zach how I feel means risking my business, and even worse, our friendship.

I could lose everything. Including the one person I want more than anything.

The second book in the Love in Paradise Valley series, (Not So) Famous in Paradise is a laugh-out-loud, friends to more, romantic comedy that can be read as a stand-alone.

Brittany Larsen is an Idaho girl who's spent the last twenty plus years in California raising daughters, reading just about anything, and writing--not necessarily in that order. Hot yoga is her happy/uncomfortable place. She loves a good romance, whether it's set in modern-day, nineteenth century England, or the Old West, as long as it's got a feisty heroine and makes her laugh and/or sigh.

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(Not So) Famous in Paradise is the second full length book in the Love in Paradise Valley series. This could definitely be enjoyed just fine as a standalone. However, I think readers will definitely have a better understanding of the town and family dynamics if they've read the first book already. It's also a fantastic book, so very much worth reading anyway! 

Those who have read the first book will recognize many familiar characters and places, but in this book we get to read Zach and Georgia's story as the filming for her home renovation reality show begins. When fans see the chemistry between these two best friends, the show decides to play it up for the views--- and reality starts to blur. This story was really fun. Best friends + fake dating is always a fantastic combination, and throw in some home renovations? Yes, please! This was definitely a slower burn and at times I definitely wanted to talk some sense into the characters to make them see what was obviously right in front of them... but I loved every minute of it nonetheless. 

I've said many times before that one trope that I don't care for in stories is the dreaded love triangle. I've come to realize however that it's a TRUE love triangle that I don't care for--- one where it's not really clear who should end up together in the end. And while this story does have Zach starting out in a relationship with someone else, it's very clear to everyone who he is really meant to be with. As such, I found that I really didn't mind it at all. 

(Not So) Famous in Paradise is a closed-door romance with chemistry filled kisses, but nothing beyond that. There was a handful of minor language, but it was quite minimal. 


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