Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Matched With the Boy Next Door by Britney M. Mills: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Breaking her foot playing a kid's game is not how Evie Evans thought she'd spend her fall. A trip to the ER sends her to meet Owen, the grumpy nurse, and leave with a boot and a scooter. She has to navigate her job as a wedding gown consultant without anymore mishaps, but they inevitably happen. 

Owen Young is still nursing a wounded heart after being dumped by his long-time girlfriend. He's just trying to get through all that with the help of an older man he meets at a senior center and his pen pal from a matchmaking app where he refuses to be matched. When he gets roped into some of the pranks his older friend is playing on the woman next door, he starts to see that his life hasn't been as happy as it could've been.

As the two of them are thrown together in a few situations, they realize that what they really need is each other. 

By day, Britney M. Mills is the wife to a builder and mom to five, but by night, she turns into an author, writing YA & contemporary romance stories.

A book lover, former college athlete, and Jane Austen fan, she crafts stories with the idea that anyone can find love. When she's not writing, she spends time playing games with her kids, or shuttling them to and from their activities, watching Sanditon and Murdock Mysteries, or dreaming of future characters while she folds a mountain of laundry.

You can find excerpts of her next project at http://www.britneymmills.com.

Matched with the Boy Next Door is the 4th book in the Romance by Love, Austen series. Each book follows a different roommate as she finds her happily ever after, so while you might see a few minor spoilers from previous books, they can definitely be read as standalones without any confusion as well.

This book focuses on Evie, the instigator of the prank war with the next-door neighbor that has been going on in previous books as well. While I'm not the biggest prankster in real life, I'm finding that I absolutely adore them in RomComs, so I was pretty excited about this one... and it definitely did not disappoint. We've got prank wars, Twister mishaps, pen pals, and even a hint of grumpy/sunshine... and I enjoyed every minute of it. While the pranks kept things fun and had me laughing out loud, there was some good depth to the story too with both characters healing from past hurts. This was definitely a bit of a slow burn romance, but in the best way possible...and made it so worth it seeing them get together in the end. 

Matched with the Boy Next Door is a clean, closed-door romance with sweet chemistry but nothing beyond kisses and no language. I would say it would fall around a Level 1 on the Writing Gals Clean and Wholesome Content

Check out the entire Romance by Love, Austen series here: https://amzn.to/46RjQEc 


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