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How to Make Your Enemy Fall for You by Camilla Evergreen: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

This wasn’t supposed to turn into a rom-com.

But, hey, that’s the story of my life. One second, you’re young and hopeful, the next you’re tripping over air into fake dating your boss. Or dodging your childhood crush. Or marrying your single dad neighbor.

Ce la vie?

I’m sick of being the butt of my own life’s joke, but I’m on contract to finish one last book, and the only inspiration I have is my childhood rival. AKA my enemy. AKA…my editor.

The grump facade he shows to everyone else has always melted into irritating cinnamon roll for me. That’s two tropes right there. Are you counting? I know I am.

Ugh. Well. Let’s do this, I say, tropeily tropeing my way into trope town. This time, it ends with happily ever after, or I’m starting a cult.

How to Make Your Enemy Fall for You is an enemies to lovers satirical romance with a spattering of sizzle. Each book in this series has sensual description that is ultimately closed door/fade to black, minimal cursing if any at all, and a swoon-worthy love story. Please reference the reader expectations after the title page for specific details as this story does include references to sexual assault.

Camilla Evergreen is an alias of USA Today bestselling author Anne Stryker. Originally intended as a dumping ground for all things lacking fantasy, Camilla/Anne came to the shocking discovery that writing sarcastic, chaotic romcoms full of quippy heroines and adoring heroes has a kick to it.

Camilla/Anne’s neurodivergent tendencies leave her hyperfocused on writing sweet and sassy romances from dawn till dusk and lending whatever her current creative obsessions are to her characters. From arranged marriages to falling for the boss, there’s lots of love to go around.

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How To Make Your Enemy Fall for You is the 6th and final full-length novel in the How-To RomCom series. In each of the previous books, the story is told around a self-help book that one of the main characters has come across (the title of that particular book). This book is actually about the author of those books as she's writing her final one. While each book can definitely be read as a standalone, I definitely feel like this one in particular will likely be most appreciated by those who are more familiar with the series. 

This series is truly unlike any other I have ever read... in the very best way possible. Camilla Evergreen has such a wonderful skill of creating these characters that are quirky and unique...and oh, so human! She blends real life struggles but mixes it with humor, poking fun at RomCom tropes in a way that is just so entertaining to read. This is a prime example of that. In many ways, this was a REALLY tough book to read, and I highly suggest reading the full author's note upfront before deciding to read this one. While there are no graphic details given, it does deal with the topics of abuse and rape quite honestly...but they are handled so very well too. I felt like there was definitely a message of healing and some great reminders of what consent means (and that it's not always verbal and not a one-time covers all thing), and those are some very important messages to put out there! But in true Camilla fashion, it's blended with humor and romance in a way that is just so uniquely her.

The chemistry and banter between Melanie and Desmond is so, so good! Another thing that the author does well? Creating MMCs who are ALL IN and so very devoted to the female lead... and I adore absolutely every single second of it! 

How to Make Your Enemy Fall for You is a closed-door romance, with nothing beyond kisses and a few minor innuendos. There is some minor language. Again, because of content, I would NOT recommend skipping the author's note for reader expectations. This one could certainly be triggering for some readers. 

Overall, this was a really fantastic and unique read, and such a great way to wrap up this series! 


  1. I really enjoyed reading this review. This book sounds super good and one that will keep me reading for sure.
    heather hgtempaddy


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