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8 Ways Motherhood Changes You For The Better

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Having a family is truly one of the biggest miracles anyone could ask for. That might seem a little quaint on the surface, but the moment you hold your newborn in your arms, you realize that nothing else in the world matters quite as much as this.

For that reason, it’s important to celebrate parenthood and becoming a mother should you and your partner consider this a worthwhile route forward. This article isn’t intended to convince you to take that step if you’re not certain, but with all the talk of parental responsibilities, duties and sacrifices (of course, these are relevant and worth knowing), it’s also nice to know the opposite side of the coin.

So, in this positive post, we hope to discuss eight ways motherhood can change you for the better. This is hardly an exhaustive list, but hopefully, it can inspire you if you’re midway through pregnancy, or if you’re not entirely sure what to expect when considering starting a family.

With that in mind, let’s begin:

1. Responsibilities Are Non-Negotiable

When you become a parent, you realize that now there’s something more important in your life than you. This can shift your entire perceptual orbit, and that’s quite humbling. That said, it also gives you a great sense of duty and obligation, perhaps more than you’ve ever felt before. This is healthy.

It also means that you realize certain responsibilities are non-negotiable, even though you’re able to ask for help when you need it or plan your time as it is most suitable at the moment. For example, you may become super adept at keeping the house in good condition, ensuring you visit the doctor’s appointments, that you always prepare the right food for your child, and that you secure your home appropriately to keep your family safe.

In other words, you begin to accept your own excuses less and less to the point where it’s hard to find a parent who is lazy and also effective at what they do. If you have any inclination to sloth before now, you’ll be certain to see that tendency dissolve. 2. You Become A Great Schedule & Routine Planner

You’ll be surprised just how effectively you can manage a calendar and schedule if you give yourself the space to. This is because time is limited when you’re caring for children, and so you’ll begin to make the most of it.

That might involve planning wonderful days out, making sure the venue is right for your child’s Christening and booking the celebrations around that, or squeezing in your own hobbies around your parental duties. 

No matter if you use a physical calendar, an app on your phone, or voice reminders to keep you on the right path each day, you’ll become a champion of routine which can help provide the backbone structure of your day-to-day. Of course, you can negotiate and define the parameters of this alongside your partner, but you’ll be able to do so from a position of real insight. 3. You Learn The Intricacies Of The Hardest Job On The Planet

Of course, we’d be remiss to not mention how motherhood helps you become a fantastic parent. Raising a child is not some “nice thing to do outside of a job,” it’s one of the most important responsibilities anyone could shoulder. It’s the reason I’m typing and you’re reading this.

As such, giving yourself credit for becoming better at raising children, as opposed to all the tangential benefits that come with this, is important from time to time. What could be more important than family love and life? As you learn the baby development stages, how to care for a crying child, how to notice medical issues and help them become resolved, and how to build a loving family unit, you’ve figured out lessons that cut to the very heart of who we are and what people want.

So, don’t be afraid to celebrate yourself for that. 4. You Become Much More Selfless

We’ve already mentioned that you are no longer the most important person in your life when you have a child, but that permeates everything you do and think about.

In other words, you become much more selfless when you raise children. You care more about the family unit and the well-being of those you love than simple things like buying expensive jewelry or going on multiple vacations a year - even if those latter to examples are nice to have when you can afford them, you’ll only ever allow yourself those once you know your child is safe and healthy.

In other words, having a child can help you live in line with your highest virtues. That’s a wonderful challenge to have. 5. You Care For The Present Moment More

Every parent is aware that time moves fast, even if days can feel longer than weeks. Remembering your loving time with your child, taking pictures, documenting memories, and taking things a day at a time helps you care for the present moment more.

While it’s true that before you know it, your child will have grown up, you still get to experience some of the most wonderful memories with them. Being able to sit in the present moment and knowing it’s enough (after all, you have your loved ones close and hopefully a home you can feel safe in), will help you feel more humble and satisfied by the little things. 6. You Have Full & Undeniable Purpose

There’s something to be said for the real purpose that having a child can give you. It’s very easy to list around in modern life, consuming media, working a 9-5, and perhaps partaking in some hobbies. But outside of sustaining yourself and perhaps nurturing your relationships, it’s easy to feel somewhat directionless.

Not so when you have a child. All of a sudden, their well-being, development, and learning are absolutely essential for you. It’s quite wonderful to have that sense of purpose keeping your spine upright and your eyes forward, metaphorically speaking. All of a sudden, everything takes on meaning, and you care for your daily planning more than ever. 7. You Become Stronger In Your Decision-Making Abilities

When your decisions directly impact the well-being of an infant, then a toddler, then a little child, then an older child, then a teenager, and soon a young adult, you tend to weigh up your decisions with more sincerity.

Sometimes, you might make a wrong decision. That’s okay. What matters is you’ll have the conviction to make them. For some people, that can be a challenge all in itself, because planning your own life let alone the life of another (or a family unit) can be hard. 

Hopefully, you’ll have help with this alongside your partner, but if not then never fear, for you’ll begin to trust your own judgment all the same. When you can stand behind your decisions and accept all consequences, good and bad, you become a stronger and freer person. 8. You Care Little About Shallow & Vapid Events

When you have children, you still remain part of the world (of course), but you also have stronger and more value-based priorities. It’s easy to ignore the silly goings-on in the news or the latest celebrity drama when you have something much more important to care about.

In other words, motherhood is the ultimate shield against vapid ridiculousness. You learn what matters, and aren’t afraid to focus on it. That can only be healthy to your spirit.

With this advice, we hope you can view potential or expected motherhood as a wonderful adventure, rather than a worrying obligation alone.


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