Thursday, June 1, 2023

The Bible Recap Personal Size by Tara-Leigh Cobble: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

A convenient compact edition--with an imitation leather cover, inviting two-color interior design, and ribbon marker

Have you ever closed your Bible and thought, 
What did I just read?

Whether you're brand-new to the Bible or you grew up in the second pew, reading Scripture can feel confusing or boring at times. Understanding it well seems to require reading it thoroughly (and even repeatedly), but who wants to read something they don't understand?

If you've ever wanted to read through the Bible or even just 
wanted to want to read it, The Bible Recap is here to help. Following a chronological Bible reading plan, the recaps explain and connect the story of Scripture, section by section. And this personal size edition, which features the same content as the original book, is ideal for reading in any setting.

You don't have to go to seminary. You don't need a special Bible. Just start reading this book alongside your Bible and see what God has to say about Himself in the story He's telling.

Tara-Leigh Cobble's ( is the creator and host of the daily The Bible Recap podcast, which has garnered more than 230 million downloads. She is also the founder of D-Group, an international network of more than 300 discipleship and Bible study groups that meet each week, and the host of a daily radio feature called The God Shot. Tara-Leigh lives in Dallas, Texas.

Reading the Bible is important, but understanding it? That's crucial! The Bible Recap is a daily Bible reading guide. Each day has a Bible selection to be read, and then a short reading that dives deeper into those readings. Over the years, I have read many, many books about the Bible... but I found when I started this one, I was learning things that I had never known or given much thought to before. It really breaks it down in such a way, that I have felt like I am constantly learning something from it. And I absolutely love that! I honestly haven't finished it yet, but I am really enjoying what I have read so far and look forward to reading more. 

This particular copy is a great size, and perfect for taking with you on the go. I had personally been using the ebook version before, but find I love this so much more. The pages are thin, so perhaps not the greatest for notetaking compared to others, but it also keeps in more compact, so I cannot complain.

If you are looking for a great Bible reading plan, this is one to check out! 


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