Thursday, June 15, 2023

How to Spend Less On Beauty 

Beauty is a $91 billion industry, with products and pieces for seemingly any issue or need. With both beauty and fashion interlinked, the costs can quickly rise, especially for the average household. While you still want to look your best, you also don’t want to put your finances in peril. So, how can you spend less on beauty and still be self-confident? Here are five ideas to consider. 

Take Care Of Your Skin 

Many people use beauty products because they want to hide pesky blemishes that make them self-conscious. While you can't always avoid these issues, you can still take better care of your skin to avoid breakouts and ensure a natural glow. Getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water is paramount while cleaning your skin with wipes that suit your skin type can also free up your pores and let your skin breathe, which prevents the risk of dirt and other pollutants ruining your skin. 

Check Your Products 

You can also look at your products to see whether you need them. All products will give you a reason to buy them, yet you could be someone who stocks up every time you visit the salon or supermarket. While it’s comforting to have extras just in case, you may spend money on creams or lotions you never use, and they become ineffective once expired. 

Shrink Your Routine 

Likewise, your routine may not need to be as comprehensive as it currently is. If you spend hours on your skincare and getting-ready routine each week, you may just be using products or wearing items for the sake of it. Shrinking your routine to the essentials can make a substantial difference to how much you go through each week, meaning all your bottles and tubs last much longer. 

Find Versatile Pieces

You may also consider your everyday outfits a crucial element of your beauty routine. You don’t need a new necklace or bracelet for every occasion, so think about investing in versatile pieces that go with (almost) everything. It’s also worth seeking more affordable jewelry, such as the products available at, which also offer hypoallergenic materials to reduce bad reactions with your skin. 

Wear Less Makeup 

Arguably, there’s no such thing as wearing too much makeup as long as you look and feel good. But, too much makeup can still cause issues if you don’t deal with it properly before bed. You may miss areas that can suffocate your skin and even cause reactions if you leave it on overnight. By wearing less makeup, you won’t need to spend too long wiping everything off during your nighttime skincare routine, meaning you can't get enough rest to do it all again tomorrow. 

Penny Saved

You don’t need to deny yourself all beauty treatments, and if there’s a certain type of jewelry you love, you can still treat yourself. However, you also need to consider how much some items, lotions, and potions cost, so bear these tips in mind the next time you feel you need to stock up and look your best wherever you go. 


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