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How to Choose a Wedding Florist in Bristol


Planning a wedding should be the most exciting time of your life, but it can be overwhelming. Knowing how to find a good Bristol flower shop that can meet your needs doesn’t have to be an added burden. These tips can help you choose the right florist Bristol UK for you.

Ask for Recommendations

If you have friends or family who have recently got married, ask which Bristol flower shop they used and if they were happy with the service they received. These first-hand opinions can be invaluable but local online groups can also be a source of useful information. Go with companies such as theramblingrosebristol.com, a flower shop Gloucester Road who are known for their good reputation, and remember, reputations are earned.


If you know the style of flowers you want, it can be easier to shortlist the flower shops that are suitable. Once you have your dress and venue organised, decide if you are opting for a relaxed bouquet or a more structured design and then search for ‘florists Bristol’ that meet your needs. Having a cohesive style to your wedding can pull it all together, so take time researching and you will soon find the Bristol flowers of your dreams.

Speak to the Florist

It is always worth speaking to the florist who will be working on your wedding flowers before committing. Prebook an appointment to discuss your needs and when you visit the flower shop, trust your instinct. Ask to see examples of their work, and if they have a Facebook page or similar, check to see the reviews left by previous customers. If you feel comfortable with the person and like their previous work, it’s a good sign. You can always take someone with you such your spouse, bridesmaid, or mum for a second opinion.


Sticking to your wedding budget is vital as you don’t want to start married life worrying about debts. Look at the websites of all the flower shops in Bristol that interest you and see if there are price estimations. You could also call or visit to get an idea of the price range. You may not necessarily choose the cheapest, but at least you will be informed.


With so many florists in Bristol to choose from, it is worth considering which is the most practical for you. Using a shop that is local to your home or venue may be more convenient or, if your first choice offers a Bristol florist delivery service, ensure they can transport your flowers to the venue on the day. Fresher flowers are more likely to travel well, especially in hot weather, which can cause droopiness or wilting, so take into consideration the distance your flowers will need to travel.

Looking for flowers in Bristol that will add to your special day is a fun experience, so research well, trust your gut feeling and enjoy, knowing you are one step closer to your wedding day!


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