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The Whisperer's Wish: Author Guest Post + Giveaway



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About the Book

Title: The Whisperer's Wish
: Janilise Lloyd
: Expanse Books (Imprint of Scrivenings Press)
Release Date
: March 21, 2023
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

For sixteen years, Laurelin Moore has been keeping a secret. She is a whisperer, and she knows that to reveal her gift now is a dangerous risk. Past whisperers have been exploited for their power. But Ausland’s queen is dead and acknowledging her magic is her only chance at becoming a Rook in the Pentax—a competition that will decide the kingdom’s next ruler.

Laurelin isn’t in it for the crown, though. She’s after the wish that will be granted to the victor. A wish that would save her dying brother, Pippin. But there are dangerous undercurrents to the competition, and Laurelin finds herself at the center of it. She begins to search for answers and discovers a secret with the potential to shatter the entire kingdom.

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About the Author

Janilise Lloyd is a former junior high school teacher who lives in Northern Utah with her husband and toddler. She balances a love for running with a love for all things dessert. Her family likes to be on the go, so you will often catch them at the zoo, the park, or skipping rocks by the river. Janilise is the coordinator for the ScrivKids writing community for student writers and is a member of the Storymakers Guild. You can find her on Instagram or Facebook @janiliselloyd or on her website, janiliselloyd.com.

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Author Guest Post

The Story Behind the Story

The Whisperer’s Wish is a book full of magic, a competition for a crown, and a bunch of other things that aren’t real or possible in this world. But in the end, writing the story was a way for me to process some of my own emotions and experiences. 

At the heart of the story, Laurelin is desperate to save her brother’s life. Pippin is dying of cancer, and though Laurelin’smagic gives her access to pygsmy elixir, which can heal many injuries and illnesses, it cannot cure a condition that is biological. This is the root of Laurelin’s motivation. Even though she can’t fix Pippin’s situation, she still feels responsible to find a solution.

Readers will notice the book is dedicated to my two brothers. My younger brother passed away when I was very young, and my older brother had a scare when I was seventeen. Both of these experiences shaped my outlook on many things in life, and readers will see some of that reflected in Laurelin and Pippin’s relationship and the things Laurelin learns throughout the book. That’s not to say Laurelin and Pippin are the same as me and my brothers. They’re not. But there are aspects of their relationship that were shaped by my own experiences. That’s the wonderful thing about writing. Even in the most unexpected ways, I’ve found it very therapeutic. 


An Unlikely Author

Growing up, I loved to read. The thought of being an author was a cool idea, kind of like being a movie star or singer, but it’s not something I ever actually considered for myself. In fact, I didn’t think I had a good imagination, and I didn’t know I liked to write. The only writing I’d ever done was for assignments in school. 

When I was in my early twenties, an idea for a story came to my mind. At the time, my husband worked a different schedule than me, so I often found myself with nothing to do in the evenings. Simply to try it out, I started writing the story, and I found I really liked writing. I finished that story and set it aside for a long time. Honestly, it wasn’t any good.

Years later, I thought about that story again, and I knew I hadn’t done it justice. I decided to look more into the craft of writing and did a total overhaul of the story. I’d say that’s when I really caught the writing bug. That story became my first book, The Cyrun, which will re-release from my publisher on November 14, 2023. 


Inspiring Young Writers

My own experience with writing has led me to a desire to help other young students who may not have considered creative writing before. I want to help young people see there are opportunities and paths toward publication. Writing doesn’t have to be a “pop star dream” like it seemed to me when I was young. For that reason, I helped start the ScrivKids community for student writers. We are a volunteer organization of authors who help share writing tips and resources targeted to young writers. We also hold an annual writing contest to help young people have a chance for publication at a really early point in their life. If you’d like to know more about ScrivKids, you can visit our website. www.scrivkids.com

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