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Anything I Can Do by Mary Carson: Book Review

  *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

I might be as sunny as a fairytale princess, but cowboy Quinn is no prince charming.

He IS from a fairytale, though, just not the right one. He’s… Grumpy.

When I booked my luxury glamping cabin, I just wanted to spend some time on myself. Work is stressful, my family won’t stop nagging me, and even my love life is uninspiring. 
I had no idea it was part of Quinn O’Connell’s family farm.

My best friend calls him Cutie-Cowboy-Quinn. I just call him
 hot. Those bright blue eyes, his crooked smile, and that burnished skin…

We keep running into each other - sometimes literally! - at meals, while out riding horses, and then in that strawberry field. I’m finding out there’s more to Quinn than his grumpy facade, and his newfound country-boy charm is going straight to my city-girl heart.

He’ll never leave his family farm.

And I'll never trade skyscrapers and high heels for barns and boots.

How can a country boy and a city girl find a happily ever after?

*This story is told in first person, dual POV and is a complete stand alone.

Anything I Can Do is a sweet, funny, grumpy/sunshine, opposites attract, forced proximity, closed-door, romantic comedy filled with country boy charm and city girl sass set in the fictional southern town of Henryville Township, NC. If you like horse rides in the mountains, pie auctions, and super supportive family, you'll love Anything I Can Do.

Mary likes her chocolate salted and her romance sweet.

She writes sweet and funny romance with a kiss, and you won't be embarrassed to gift her books to your mom. (Well, not too embarrassed. Sometimes those feelings and kisses can get pretty steamy!)

Keep in touch with Mary through her newsletter - she promises to only send the good stuff. Find it at www.MaryCarsonBooks.com

What makes a good RomCom? Lots of swoonworthy and laugh out loud moments are must haves of course, but I also love when a story that isn't afraid to take on some of the more difficult realities of life either. I think Anything I Can Do balanced it all well in a sweet romance that I couldn't put down. 

Anything I Can Do is the second book in the Anything series. I had not read the previous book and found that this reads just fine as standalone. That said, the couple from book one (Ellie and James) do make many appearances throughout, so if you want to read them all while avoiding spoilers it would be good to read them in order.

This story used some of my favorite tropes--- it was an opposites attract story between a city girl sunshine and a country boy cowboy grump with all the wonderful smalltown charm and sense of community. This led to some great humourous moments on the farm, including a delightful scene with chickens that had me laughing out loud. Beyond the humor though, those moments of depth dealing with issues like death, financial struggles and family obligations took the story to the next level in the best way possible. I loved getting to know these characters and found myself looking forward to seeing what comes next in the series!

If you're looking for your next sweet romance, this is one to check out! 


  1. thanks for your thoughts on this book. it sounds like such a fun story. I love sweet, clean rom coms

  2. oh but this sounds like so much fun. now on my TBR list


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