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Engaging Deception by Regina Jennings: Book Review

  *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

A lively competition draws her into her rival's blueprints--and maybe even his heart.

Olive Kentworth has spent her life hiding her interest in architecture, even though she pores over architectural books and sketches buildings. When she accepts a job on a home expansion, it's only because her cousin Amos agrees to pose as the builder. To further hide her involvement, Olive takes a position as a nanny--not knowing that she'll be working for her idol, Joplin's leading architect, widower Maxfield Scott.

Maxfield is intrigued by his new nanny--she makes his home and his life bearable again. His work, on the other hand, is a disaster. An untrained builder is remodeling a completed project of his. What's worse, Maxfield's current client wants changes to his plans because of that builder's work.

As the architectural one-upmanship heats up, Olive's involvement becomes harder to hide. Will the relationship between her and Maxfield survive, or will they both miss out on building something for their future?

Regina Jennings (www.reginajennings.com) is a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University with a degree in English and a minor in history. She's the winner of the National Readers' Choice Award, a two-time Golden Quill finalist and a finalist for the Oklahoma Book of the Year Award. Regina has worked at the Mustang News and at First Baptist Church of Mustang, along with time at the Oklahoma National Stockyards and various livestock shows. She lives outside of Oklahoma City with her husband and four children.

Engaging Deception is the third book in The Joplin Chronicles series. While there is some character crossover between this and the previous books, it can also be read just fine as a standalone.

When I read historical fiction, I so often find that I am most drawn to heroines who are--- I suppose a bit ahead of their time (which is funny as I tend to be pretty old-fashioned in many ways myself). I love these characters that have interests or sass that weren't as accepted for women in the times they were living. I think that really helps to build a more interesting story, and creates characters who are strong and make you want to root for them. Regina Jennings is great at that. This story has a good blend of history, heart, humor... and of course the romance too! Those who have read the previous books in the series will enjoy the chance to get to know Olive better, while new readers might find themselves wanting to go back and get better acquainted with the family too. 

Overall, an enjoyable read and one that fans of historical romance are sure to want to check out.


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