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Senior Suffering- How To Prove The Link With Camp Lejeune Toxic Water


Toxins are silent killers as they stealthily enter your bloodstream through the food you eat, the water you drink, and the air you breathe. You cannot do much about them, except avoid exposure as far as possible. Even cosmetics and household cleaners can be culprits as they may have hazardous chemicals you may not know. Besides the exposure to chemicals in daily life, you may encounter toxins at your workplace. The Camp Lejeune Marine Base is an instance of the worst water contamination exposure in the US.

Countless military veterans and their families that lived in the area between 1953 and 1987 were exposed to contaminated water supplies there. Many suffered from severe diseases, and a senior in your family may live with a grave health condition. Fortunately, you can now claim compensation under the Camp Lejeune Justice Act, provided you can establish a connection between their medical condition with the toxic water. Although it can be the trickiest part of the claim, you can follow some tips to prove the link between senior suffering and Camp Lejeune contamination.

Understand the requisites of the Camp Lejeune Justice Act

Being a caregiver is a responsibility, specifically if your aging parents battle severe medical conditions. If they are military veterans once posted in Camp Lejeune, the risk of diseases like cancer and renal failure runs high. You can seek justice and compensation for providing the best care possible. Moreover, it gives you peace of mind because you expect the authorities to pay for their negligence. But everything boils down to understanding the requisites of the Camp Lejeune Justice Act. Although the act empowers veterans and their family members with a federal cause of action for compensation, they need to prove eligibility. Here are the factors that make a person eligible for a compensation claim-

· You must verify that they served at the base for a minimum of thirty days between 1953 and 1987

· They have a current diagnosed condition

· Their disability is connected with their exposure to the toxin-laden water at Camp Lejeune

Besides covering veterans and their family members, the federal cause of action also covers children in utero. If a sibling has a birth defect or your mother sustained a miscarriage during her stay in the area, you can seek justice for them as well.

Medical conditions caused by water contamination

Knowing that your senior parents were at Camp Lejeune during the period can help assess their risk factors. You can connect with lawyers representing toxic water cases to initiate the proceedings. But before doing so, you must know the common diseases caused by exposure to contaminated water. If the victim has one of these conditions, you definitely have a solid case. Here is a list of the health issues linked with Camp Lejeune water contamination-

· Cancers of the lung, bladder, breast, cervix, throat, thyroid, prostate, liver, kidney, or other organs

· Leukemia

· Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

· Multiple Myeloma

· Myelodysplastic Syndromes

· Cardiac defects

· Kidney Injury/Failure/Renal Toxicity

· Fatty Liver Disease (hepatic steatosis)

· Parkinson’s Disease

· Aplastic Anemia

· Systemic Sclerosis/Scleroderma

If your aging parent has one or more of these diagnoses or has been suffering from these conditions for years, you must seek justice from them. They deserve it because the illness or injury came during the course of duty. Moreover, the suffering is the outcome of the negligence of the government as it failed to warn and protect the residents of Camp Lejeune.

Ensure the best care for your senior

Seniors battling with the grave medical condition require special care. It can be expensive, whether you send them to a senior care facility or hire a caregiver to attend to their needs at home. At the same time, they require regular treatment, tests, and hospitalization during emergencies. Claiming compensation through a Camp Lejeune lawsuit is a wise move, as the money helps you provide the best care to your loved one without worrying about the hefty expense. Additionally, it is their right because the negligent behavior of authorities is the reason for their pain and suffering.

Seeing your aging parents in pain is the worst thing you may encounter. You can take legal recourse to claim compensation for your senior if they are bearing the brunt of the exposure to Camp Lejeune water contamination. Although the money cannot restore their health, it can make end-of-life care better and more accessible for them. You need to worry less about the expenses of medical treatment and long-term care. Moreover, getting justice for them gives you immense peace of mind.


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