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Every Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Etiquette Rule to Know

Bridesmaid plays a crucial role in someone’s wedding. As a bridesmaid in your BFFs wedding, you’ll get an opportunity to capture some special moments that will last with you forever.


But as a bridesmaid, what is your role in someone’s wedding?


Besides walking down the aisle, you have to help the bride at bachelorette parties and bridal showers. Also, you have to attend the engagement party, rehearsals, dinners, and more. In short, you have to help the bride in all possible ways.


Apart from being responsible, you also have to look good at the wedding. But choosing the right bridesmaid outfit can be fun and exciting. Before you step into the market to find the best outfit for yourself, there are some tips that you should follow. Let’s discuss some of them.


1. Have An Open Mind

Choosing the right outfit can be tricky. After all, you will be stressed about what every girl and the bride is wearing. Whether it’s a style or partial to, don’t be afraid to try something new.


Best case scenario? You will put on the dress, all the girls will love it, and you will look amazing. Worst case scenario? You come out of the dressing room that’s just not working, and the bride will realize that it is not the right choice.


So, don’t be afraid to give a shot at something new, trendy, and stylish for someone’s wedding.


2. Talk Openly About The Budget

Your budget is one of the most sensitive topics which you should discuss with other girls and the bride. While it can disrupt the well-planned process, it is a crucial factor to discuss as it will determine where you should shop from the beginning.


Surprisingly, there are tons of bridesmaid dresses available online that fit everyone’s budget and style preference. Whether you want to buy a full-sleeve dress or try something off the rack, you will get it all. Thus, it’s crucial to discuss your budget and shop accordingly.


3. Start Shopping Early

As a rule of thumb, you should start shopping for the wedding at least 7-8 months before. It is less stressful, and you will get a chance to get a heavy discount on the sales. Moreover, you will have enough time to alter it to ensure it fits properly.


Besides getting good discounts on dresses, you will also get enough time to decide where you should buy the outfit. Many designers can exceed the delivery process beyond a certain point. Thus, shopping early will give you enough time to get it delivered and altered without compromising on the quality.


4. Always Get The Measurements Done

While bridesmaid outfits are made on order, most girls aren’t getting the custom dress. A bridesmaid dress is measured and then fits into the preexisting size (usually two to 24).


Since each designer sizes the outfit differently, it’s crucial to provide the right measurement to prevent size issues later. Make sure to go to a professional boutique and give the measurement so that the dress fits perfectly on the wedding day.


5. Consider The Bride’s Suggestions

If you are in the market with the bride and she lets you choose the outfit that you like, it would be best to take some little advice first. Does the bride want you to wear a chiffon or dress with long sleeves? Is there a length or delay?


If the bride wants you to try something new, go for it. You can choose contemporary colors or silhouettes that may not have been considered.


6. Always Give Feedback

If your girls and the bride want you to wear a dress that you don’t like, talk openly about it. Find some ways to vocalize your thoughts about what you don’t like. Whether the dress is shady or doesn’t match your skin tone, never hesitate to keep strong feelings to yourself.


If you successfully communicate what you don’t love, you will find ways to explore other options and get it altered perfectly.


7. Stick To The Timeline

As a bridesmaid, you will get the opportunity to support the bride in all possible ways. While some girls are very particular about their time, others are more relaxed. So, it’s always better to follow the bride’s advice and the schedule, whatever they may be.


Summing Up

While shopping for the right bridesmaid outfit is tricky, it can also be really fun. To make it easier for you, consider searching for inspiration online. You will also get an idea of what’s trending and which outfit you will look gorgeous in.


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