Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Outrageous Obedience by Rachelle Starr: Book Review

  *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Become the Light of Christ in Dark Places

When she was only twenty-three years old, Rachelle Starr started going to strip clubs to share Christ's love with the dancers. Now, having founded a Christian ministry to people in the adult entertainment industry, she demonstrates the key to shining Christ's light into the darkness--love people one at a time and continue to love them no matter what.

Loving others like Jesus did has to be more than social media shares and likes--we need to meet people in their pain, growing in our empathy and love for those God has placed in our lives. But maybe you're afraid or unsure where to start. This book will light a fire in your soul to step out in greater ways and to become fearlessly and outrageously obedient to the Lord.

Be inspired by Rachelle's true stories and biblical encouragement, and discover the courage to say yes to God. Then witness the fruit and the blessings of your obedience!

Rachelle Starr (www.scarlethope.org) founded Scarlet Hope, a nonprofit dedicated to sharing the hope of Jesus with women in the adult entertainment industry. In 2015, Rachelle launched a social enterprise called Scarlet's Bakery, where women can receive employment and valuable job skills while producing and selling delicious baked goods. Rachelle and her husband, Josh, have two boys through adoption and reside in Louisville, Kentucky. Learn more at scarlethope.org and by following @rachellestarr.co on Instagram.

It's pretty easy to sit amongst your Sunday school class and talk about Jesus... we know that the people who have come to church are generally going to be pretty open to what you have to say. Talking about Jesus while you're out and about your day, coming into contact with believers and non-believers alike? That might get a little bit harder for some, but still fairly doable, right?

But what if God called you to go to one of the last places you'd expect to go as a Christian, and to share His love there? Some place like a strip club!?

Oh, yes... that sounds pretty outrageous, doesn't it? Certainly not something that most of us would be comfortable taking on, that's for sure. But that is just the kind of outrageous obedience Rachelle Starr had when God called her to do just that. She tells the story in her new book of that name: Outrageous Obedience. What a fitting name for this book! 

I think Kyle Idleman's endorsement says it best, "You may never have Bible studies with prostitutes, but you will be invigorated and galvanized by Rachelle's infectious stories and plain-spoken truth." Listen, this isn't a book that is suggesting that we all go out to our local strip clubs and do the same. It does however share Rachelle's experience and there is something that we can all learn from that--- we can learn how to truly love others and meet them where they are... and we can be encouraged to listen when God calls us to be obedient in our own ways, ways that might push us out of our comfort zones. 


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