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Home Improvement Project You Can Do With Your Kids


Managing home upgrades is no less than brawling when you have kids around. Even the minor tasks that’ll take only a few minutes, such as watering the plants, end up consuming a lot of time with your mischievous little one. 


So, how can you get any of the home improvement work done? 


The drill is to involve your kids in the projects. Here are some easy and safe home improvement projects your kids can help you with. 


● Create Wall Art


Decorating walls is among the easiest yet excellent ways to make your place look stunning. The best part? You don’t have to invest in expensive and extraordinary paintings or portraits. Instead, you and the kids can make some on your own. 


Just grab all the necessary art supplies- canvas, paints, pencils, glitter, glue, etc. and let your kids paint their imagination. The end work will turn out to be a special memory that you can hang on walls. 


● Make A River Table


Who doesn’t love a fancy coffee table? We surely do. And if you do, too, here’s how you can DIY one for your living room with kids. 


For this, you’ll need a flat wood slab (preferably a damaged one to save the hassle of cutting and scraping), assemble mold, deep pour epoxy (clean as well as pigmented), rubber glove, and sandpaper. Arrange the wood slab on the mold and pour the epoxy resin of choice to fill the cut or damaged part. Make sure to wear rubber gloves during the whole process. 


Let the mixture sit for hours or days till it is completely dried. Now, remove it from the mold and use sandpaper to polish it. If you like, you can add more epoxy resin on top of it to add shine. 


That’s all! Now you have a handmade river table that’ll look stunning in your living room. 


● Build A Bookshelf


No matter how much you try to keep your children’s room spotlessly clean and clutter-free. They will find one or the other way to make a mess. Considering the same, you’ll need something, such as a bookshelf, to organize their room. So, how about building one together? 


Obviously, as kids are involved, you can not do all the woodwork. Though, you can get ready to assemble bookshelves. Hand in the instruction manual to the little one to assist you in assembling all the pieces. Once done, you can paint them and hang them in the room. 


Tip: After completing your bookshelf, ask your kids to use it for keeping their toys, schoolwork, and gadgets. 


● Paint A Room


Lastly, if your kids are playful beyond imagination, you can plan a room with them. However, before that, you must prepare the room with tapes and covers to minimize the possible chores your kids can do. 


Once all the preparations are done, give paint brushes and colors to your kids and enjoy some quality time while painting the walls. You can make it fun as well by adding some splashed colors. 


Wrapping It All Up


These are some ways to tick-mark your home improvement projects while keeping your kids company. Not to mention, when you involve kids in minor home-related tasks, it boosts their self-esteem, encourages the act of helping others, and teaches them discipline. So, it will assist in the growth of your little one.


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