Tuesday, November 15, 2022

6 Easy DIY Projects to Transform Your Garden

 Hiring a local landscaper, gardener, or spending a lot of money on garden supplies and equipment might seem like the fastest and easiest way to transform your garden, but with a little bit of time and effort, you can do it yourself.


With these easy DIY projects for transforming your garden, you'll spend less time working in the hot sun, less money on tools and materials, and more free time to enjoy your completed project.


What are you waiting for? Get started today! 

Project #1: Build a Decked Area for Socializing


A decked area is a great place to build your own stage or even use it as a small patio.


You can make this a fun and inclusive place for kids and pets to play together or use it just for lounging with friends. The possibilities are endless.


Any type of wood board will work, but the wider you go, the more stable it will be (and the easier to build). You may want to look at Grono decking or similar decking made from composite materials. 


A wooden deck can be a terrible slip hazard, but composite fixes that problem (and it's much more durable too).

Project #2: Install a Drip Irrigation System


Even in the desert, drip irrigation can be a convenient way to water your garden and plants. You can either hook this system up to your regular outdoor municipal water faucet or set up a rainwater harvesting system instead.


A drip system is simple to install and maintain and uses less water than traditional watering methods. With this easy DIY project, you'll save money on your utility bills, while producing an abundance of beautiful flowers and vegetables! 

Project #3: Create a Living Fence with Edible Plants


Start with a sturdy, attractive fence, and add some edibles. You can add plants to the perimeter or fill in areas inside for thick hedges.


Vegetable plants that like to climb (like beans and squash) are a great choice, but you can also go for edible flowers and even herbs, like hops.

Project #4: Construct a Cold Frame to Extend Your Growing Season


If you're going to grow vegetables in your backyard, you need to extend your growing season. A cold frame is easy to build and provides not only extra heat in the winter but also added moisture for plant growth.


Building your cold frame with a solid bottom (instead of just a wooden pallet) will ensure that it doesn't leak and that the floor drains properly.

Project #5: Make a 'Lasagna Garden' For Low-Maintenance Planting


This tip isn't about growing the ingredients for a tasty lasagna(although you could do that too.) but more about planting bulbs and plants for easy growing.


Bulbs like daffodils and Irises need to be planted at different depths, and they will blossom at different times. By utilizing the depths and planting everything out, you could have an intercropped garden full of bulbs and plants that can be planted in the spring and bloom through the summer.

Project #6: Build a Pond for Wildlife


The idea of a garden pond is appealing. A pond can create a wildlife habitat and help create an attractive environment for frogs and other wildlife.


Building a pond in your garden is fairly easy, and you'll love watching the changing scenery in and around your pond throughout the seasons.


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