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Title: SCARS 
Series: Spiritual Warfare #4 
Author: Linda K. Rodante 
Publisher: independently published 
Release Date: September 2022 
Genre: Contemporary Christian Romantic Suspense

He tried to leave the past behind, but it won’t leave him…

Ex-gang member Garrett Lovett is a new creature in Christ. At least, he’s trying to be. He’s got a wholesome routine, a place on the IronWorks football team, and a pretty woman he wants to know better. But when the old gang resurfaces with the ultimatum to re-up or face consequences, Garrett has tough decisions to make. These guys know how to get to him—his addictions, his fears. When things get life-threatening, Garrett must decide if this God he’s heard about is real or not.

And if so, can he rescue Garrett and those he loves before it’s too late?

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“You heard me.”  Moose stepped from the grass onto the parking asphalt. “I gotta go.”

Reece almost grabbed his arm but stopped in time to save his head from being separated from his shoulders. “And you think God’s gonna let you go?”

“Yeah, I do.” Moose trudged forward. “Just like you.”

Now there was a challenge. Reece stepped to the asphalt, too.

A figure shifted from behind a car, out of the darkness, blocked Moose’s exit. 

The man jerked backwards then roared. 

Kati rocked back and forth on her feet, smiled. “Hi, there.”

Reece’s chest tightened. He moved quickly to Moose’s side. “Moose, you know Kati?”

The glower showed in the yellow light. “Yeah, seen her a few times.”

“Cute, huh?”

Kati rocked on her feet again. “Not just cute. I box. Kick-box. How about you?”

The alarms sounded in Reece’s head. The woman would get herself into trouble one day. More trouble. “Kati, you—”

“Reece didn’t have a lot of respect for that at first.”

He growled. Moose sent him a look. Lord, please keep her safe. And Moose, too. Keep him with us.

“Yeah. He just thought girl, ya know? I had to prove—prove—to him that I could take care of myself.” Her eyes went to Reece finally. She sent a grin. “Like right now. He thinks because…” Her eyes traveled up Moose and down. “Because you are so large, man, that I can’t take you.”

Reece’s snort was lost in Moose’s laugh.

“He’s right, mama.”

Her chin came up. “That harder they fall stuff started with Goliath, you know?”

Moose’s eyes narrowed. “No one’s falling.” He made a move as if to walk by her, but she shifted into his path. “Mama, you might belong to this one here.” He gave a jerk of his head to Reece. “And I might have to fight both of you, but it would not be pretty.”

“Then let’s go to the gym and find out.”

Moose’s laugh sounded harsher this time. “Ain’t goin anywhere with you two.”

“You know, you can run from us.” She grinned as his narrowed eyes. “But Reece was right. God ain’t gonna let you go. You can’t run that far or that fast. You worried you’ve got no education? Don’t want any? Well, no one said you needed it. You think that fact messes with God’s ability? It doesn’t touch the power in his little finger. You know that, right?”

The big man grunted.

“Good. Then we have a place to start here. The gym is still open. I’ll let you go a round with Reece first. Just to give you an edge.”

“Thanks, woman.” Reece voice echoed mockingly.

Kati tilted her head. “You call me woman again, and you and I might have to go a round.”

Moose’s laughter sounded different. “I heard you were eating for two.”

Kati’s head jerked toward Reece. “You telling people I’m eating too much?”

“He means you’re—”

She waved her hand. “I know.” She smirked, lifted her chin to Moose. “That scare you off?”

“I’m not goin’ in the ring with—”

“You know, you men are so frustrating. Come on, then, go a round with Reece and let me show you a few moves at least.”

The man’s eyes stayed narrowed a moment more then his shoulders relaxed. His glare jumped from Kati to Reece, and he smiled. “Your woman must think you’re good.”

Reece cocked his head. “Straight up.”

“All right, man. I’ll follow you.”

Reece nodded. “We’re in the black Jeep Compass.”

“Gotcha, man.” He moved off into the darkness.

Reece grabbed Kati. “No kickboxing with Moose.”

“See, I told him you didn’t think I had it in me.”

“What you have in you is our baby.”

Kati laughed. “All right, big boy. I’ll let you handle it.”

Reece winced at her “big boy” and turned her toward their SUV. “What you’re going to handle is giving me a good massage and tending to all the bruises I get in this match.”

She tucked her hand in his. “That kind of handling I can do, babe.”


Linda K. Rodante is a Florida transplant now living in Tennessee. She loves sweet tea, apple butter and both the mountains and the oceans. Her work with crisis pregnancy centers and anti-trafficking groups gave her a heart for women struggling in today’s society, while still respecting the role God has given men.

She writes Christian romantic suspense novels. Her books wrap sweet romance in real-life issues women face today with an edge of mystery and suspense. She desires to entertain and encourage women in their walk with the Lord. Her books can be found on Amazon She’s a past finalist of ACFW's Genesis contest and a member of Word Weavers International.

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