Friday, July 8, 2022

Enhance your outdoor space for summer hosting   


Summer is the perfect season for socializing. Whether it's with family or friends, enjoying a BBQ, an al fresco feast, or a party that lasts all night. However, if you like to socialize outdoors, here are some game-changing accessories that can transform your outdoor hosting space and are sure to impress.


Think soft furnishings

Using a mix of textures and soft furnishings in your garden can give an ultra-cozy feel. You can create texture by adding throws, cushions, and rugs. They will add a real sense of homeliness and ensure your guests stay warm well into those cooler evenings.


Mood lighting

During the day, the sunlight might be all you need, but as evening draws in, your outdoor space can be immediately enhanced with some mood lighting. There is such a wide range of outdoor lighting to choose from you can really set the scene, going for something dramatic, something cozy, or even romantic. It's a good idea to look at solar-powered lights. You can add them anywhere in your garden without having to worry about proximity to a wall socket. They simply harness the power of the sun and turn themselves on when dusk sets in. In addition to solar lighting, candles are a perfect way to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Look for citronella candles; not only will they look and smell great, but theyll also keep any pesky bugs at bay.


Expect the unexpected

Although as a host, you cant be prepared for every eventuality, one thing you can be prepared for is a change in weather. By adding state-of-the-art retractable awnings, you can protect your guests from both showers and the hot summer sun. Giving people a dry place to sit, or cooling shade if they need it, not to mention some UV protection is the perfect way to accommodate everyone in all weathers.


Add a little heat

If you know you're someone who enjoys entertaining in the evening, making dinner, and opening a bottle of wine, it could be advantageous to add some heating to your garden. Outdoor heaters can look really sleek and give your garden a feel of real sophistication. Not to mention, the added warmth means you can enjoy your garden 24/7.


Cook outside

There are tons of meals you can make outside with the use of one or two pieces of equipment, the BBQ being the most popular. If you plan to entertain, invest in a good BBQ that will stand the test of time. It could even be worth dedicating an area in your garden to be a permanent outdoor kitchen. If a BBQ is not for you, consider more chic options such as an outdoor pizza oven to rustle up some stone-baked pizzas. Your guests are sure to be impressed by the hot food, and sociable outdoor kitchen.


No matter how big or small your garden is, you can find ways to enjoy and share it this summer. What are your essentials for summer hosting outdoors?



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