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A comprehensive guide to achieving the hourglass figure


You must have adored the girls with hourglass figures at some time in your life. Many wonder if the hourglass is genetic or if anyone, regardless of body type, can achieve the much-desired figure? We all have differently built bodies, and our lifestyle greatly impacts the body structure and weight. However, there is equal truth when we tell you that achieving an hourglass figure is possible for everyone. This article mentions some important information on attaining the trending body type. 


What are the attributes of an hourglass body shape? 

Generally, you must have seen girls with ultra-thin waists, round booty, and proportionately well-balanced chest that makes a good hourglass shape. Apart from the three main parts, some other characteristics also help define the curvy body shape. They are: 

● Marginally round shoulders
● Same width for chest and hips 
● A determined and small waist 
● Round hips 
● Bigger and broader thighs
● Evenly distributed weight in the body 


How can you attain the hourglass body type? 

There are many ways, such as exercising, choosing the right clothing, diet, weight management, and more. Let us read through to understand. 


● Define your waist

The most promising way to get an hourglass shape instantly is to define your waist. You can do this by wearing a waist trainer or belt. Many people find that the waist trainer is tight and causes issues in breathing; if you find any such problem, you can go for larger waist trainers underneath your dress. Today, many celebrities wear them over their outfits, which is trending. It depends on your style choice, whether you want to wear it inside or outside. However, it will help accentuate the curves and give you an instant hourglass shape. 


● Choose the right clothing for your upper body.

Your clothing should define the body type and accentuate each curve and part. So, instead of going for puffed sleeves, choose simple ones, be it set-in, 3/4th, or full, but they should be simple. Likewise, it would benefit if you went for the oval-shaped neckline instead of a round and square. Wear clothes that fit your size and are neither too tight nor too loose. It helps create an illusion of a perfect hourglass body.

● Know what suits the lower body

Regarding the bottoms, you should choose high-rise trousers over low-waist. Whether you like wearing slim-cut, boot-cut, straight or wide pants, it is best to select a high-rise version to help shape your booty and accentuate the waistline. It goes the same for wearing shorts; pick high-rise shorts or like the ones with contour waistbands. 


It is a magical rule to follow for people who love experimenting with their attire. When you have to pick a skirt for yourself, go for a pencil skirt. Similarly, you can choose A-line, flip, and bias skirts that are rounded around the hips and have a structured fabric. 


● Dresses and jumpsuits

When we speak of dresses for hourglass body shape, the simple rule is to select the ones that help you accentuate your waist. You should avoid boxy and straight lines because they imbalance the natural body shape. Instead, it would help if you wear belted, nipped, and wrap dresses because they make your midriff look thinner. Many women also look amazing in tulip skirts and full circle skirts. Similarly, when you want to select jumpsuits and playsuits for yourself, ensure that they do not make the bust look fuller; instead, they should highlight the body's natural balance. You can also go for nipped or pleated jumpsuits to make your midriff look thinner and highlight the natural curves in your body. 


● Exercise and diet 

The right clothing and waist trainers for yourself is one way. Additionally, experts recommend following a good exercise and diet routine to attain a natural hourglass body shape. You can go for waist slimming and core tightening exercises. You can also talk to your coach to guide you on the right routine to get rounded booty, shoulders, and strong thighs. The more you tone your body, the better it will look in the hourglass shape. 


Experts recommend that you need to maintain a healthy diet to reduce the extra kgs and achieve an ideal weight. A balanced meal will get you the nutrients, minerals, and energy sources to easily get through the day. 

Aside from regular exercise and diet, you can also take advantage of some medical techniques to help you get the hourglass figure you want in a shorter period. Such techniques are even more effective when targeting specific body parts difficult to sculpt with regular exercise and diet alone, especially areas with stubborn fat deposits. Several body sculpting techniques are available, depending on your needs. For example, you can learn about CoolSculpting® benefits and how it can help you get your desired body shape.


Final Words

Today, everyone likes to follow the crazes for fashion or fitness. The hourglass figure has been in trend for many years now. Earlier, people shied away from discussing the various methods they used to achieve this figure. But now, things have changed. People are vocal about using waist trainers, body shapers, and even cosmetic treatments to get the desired figure.


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