Thursday, June 16, 2022

Here’s How You Can Make Your Child Feel Safe During Uncertain Times


Every parent wants their child to have a safe and exciting childhood. However, things do not always go as planned. As the different industries are expanding and experimenting, there is a rise in hazards related to CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) materials. Stating the obvious, these hazards lead to uncertain situations, affecting the kids severely.


Fortunately, parents and children can still have a sense of power and control in a world of unexpected happenings and fast-paced communications. Here’s how:


     Encourage Open And Honest Communication On A Daily Basis

No matter what type of bond you have with your child, it is not possible for you to learn about their inner fear if they do not speak about it. Make sure to have open and honest communication with each other on a regular basis. It will ensure that your kids do not hesitate to talk about their fears or feelings in general. Accordingly, you’ll be able to take appropriate actions to keep your children protected.


Likewise, you must also talk with your children, in all honesty. As soon as you realize that there is a possibility of threat or hazard, you must explain the same to your kids in a calm manner. Open communication with kids about the uncertainties will help them stay prepared and easily accept the possible remedial measures.


     Encourage A Sense Of Safety

Reassure children that their safety and security are a priority for everyone. Let children know that everyone in their environment, including school personnel, first responders, and others, is doing all possible to keep them safe. The measures taken may include explaining to the kids about CBRN threats and providing them with MIRA Safety’s gas masks or respirators that allow the comfort of the kids along with the facility of an integrated water bottle and back/waist carrier.


It becomes especially important if you reside in an area that is often the target of chemical, nuclear or radiological threats. When kids have the right gear to keep themselves protected, they will feel at ease and will boost their coping skills.


     Sharing Coping Skills

In addition to physical protection, kids also need to prepare themselves mentally. For this purpose, you may share a few coping skills that you know will help your kids stay calm and composed. The most common skills you can teach are deep breathing and muscle relaxation exercises. It will help reduce their stress level, thereby understanding the prevailing situation more carefully and wisely.


Similarly, you must also shed a positive light on the prevailing event by using phrases such as “we are together in this,” “it’s going to be alright soon,” and “you don’t need to worry.” Such positive affirmations will help your child feel more secure, understand the gravity of the situation and feel connected and safe.


To Sum It All Up

While it is not possible to fully restrict the experimentation of industries, it is possible to take appropriate precautions and provide a sense of security to your kids. Make certain that kids understand the prevailing situation, have the accurate gear to keep them protected and be there for them.


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