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Can you wear a short dress to a formal event?

On more than one occasion it has happened to us that we have been invited to some type of event and we have not known exactly what type of dress we should wear. What length of a dress is suitable for this specific event? And that's when doubts appear. Also, that fear of going too well dressed and going too far or falling short and choosing a style that is not one hundred percent appropriate.

If you feel identified with this and all those doubts have arisen on some occasion. Don't worry because when you finish reading this post, you will see everything much more clearly and you will know exactly what length of a dress is ideal for your next event.

Before starting and delving into the subject. Keep in mind that if the invitation to our event indicates that we must wear a certain "Dress Code", this will prevail over any protocol rule and we must stick to these indications when dressing to attend whatever they may be.

Starting from this base and taking it into account, there are times, if not the majority, that we are invited to an event it does not have a certain Dress Code. So, in this case, it is essential to have some basic notions of the protocol rules to serve as a guide. We start by reviewing the different types of dress lengths that we can find and seeing what type of events we can use them for.

Short or cocktail dresses:

The short or cocktail dress can be a few inches above the knee or a few inches below. It is the most versatile of all since we can use it both for day events and evening and night events.

It is very important that the design of this garment is elegant and that it is made with the highest quality fabrics. As for color, we can use it in soft, nude, or pastel tones for tomorrow's events. For evening or night, we can use other more intense or vibrant colors.

We can use a short or cocktail dress for morning and afternoon weddings. In the case of night weddings, we can use it as long as we are not first-line family members of the bride and groom. Since in this case, we must opt ​​for a long sleeved going out top dress. It is also ideal for use at baptisms and communions whatever the time of the celebration.

Midi-length dresses:

The midi-length dress will always be a good length below the knee. It should more or less reach the middle of the leg, a few centimeters above the ankles.

According to the protocol rules, this dress length should only be used in afternoon or evening events, leaving it exempt in morning events. But we think that the protocol rules should be something that guides us, not that they have to be strictly adhered to. Because it depends on the type of event and its importance, the midi length can be a very elegant option. In addition to being very trendy for tomorrow's events.

By itself, this type of length maximizes the elegance of our style. The ideal is to get a simple design with some original piece or detail that gives it personality.

We must also opt for a dress made with the highest quality fabric. So that the packaging of our set is not impoverished by improper fabric. If we talk about color, we can use soft tones, nudes, or pastels. For day events and more intense tones for evening or night events.

In summary and according to protocol, we can wear wide leg fashion pants for weddings, baptisms, and celebrations that take place in the afternoon/evening hours. We think that properly complemented we can also use it for tomorrow's weddings and communions.

Long dresses:

The long dress should always be below the ankle. The most common is to find it long to the ground covering the entire foot. More and more frequently we can find a type of long dress, but only up to the ankle that leaves it visible and goes great with open sandals.

Long dresses are the ones with which we perhaps have fewer opportunities to wear them since they can only be worn at evening or gala events. Although short dresses are also allowed, I will always try to go long, because normally we will not have many occasions to wear this type of dress, since its availability is more limited.

The long dress is the highest label in women's clothing and must be characterized by its elegance and the quality of its fabrics. As for styling design, as evening events have a more festive air, we can be tempted to compliment them with glitter, rhinestones, and various ornamentations. But remember the maxim "less is more" and avoid wearing an overloaded look.

As for the color, any of them is allowed except white of course, if we are going to attend a wedding. But we must keep in mind our goal for such a special night, which is to maximize our natural beauty.

Therefore, it is best to choose a color that we know for sure that favors us and that makes us feel comfortable when we wear it. Without feeling that we are disguised, only in this way will we be able to shine in such a special moment.

With which, we can wear mini dresses women for afternoon/evening weddings. But never in daytime events, unless we are the godmother or sister of one of the bride and groom, in which case it would be allowed. Also, for any type of event with this specific Dress Code.

And if you have come this far, weare sure that you are already calmer and surer of yourself when choosing the length of the dress. Knowing with certainty what type of length you can use or not, in your next event.




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