Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Five Tips To Get the Most Out Of Your Bible Study Time

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So, you want to start studying your Bible... but you're not sure where to begin!

Trust me, I understand that feeling all too well. The Bible is not an easy read, and knowing how or where to begin can be more than a little overwhelming. Today, we are going to look at 5 simple tips to help you get the most out of your Bible study time.

Start For the Right Reasons

This might seem like an odd piece of advice... are there really wrong reasons to read the Bible? The truth is, there are. If we are reading the Bible to check off a list, feel good about ourselves as Christians or because of guilt in not doing so, these are not the best reasons. Sure, we might still gain something from the practice, but we can gain even more if we are starting out for appropriate reasons like wanting to develop a closer relationship with God. 

As Christians, reading the Bible certainly is important... but more important is the desire to do so. If we set our hearts on God before we begin, He will show us a lot more.

 Pray Before You Begin

To better help get us in that mindset, it is always a good idea to say a prayer before we begin studying our Bibles. Ask God to open your heart for His messages and your mind for understanding. Hand over anything that might be burdening you that can keep your heart from fully committing to your study. I prefer to pray before I begin, but ending in a prayer is greatly helpful too... reflecting on what you have studied and asking God for opportunities to apply it to your life. If the goal of Bible study is to develop a closer relationship with God, communication with Him through prayer is so important in accomplishing that goal. 

Set Aside a Special Time/Space

I must admit, this is one that I struggle with myself. Life is so busy, that scheduling anything in just seems like too much. Still, if we don't plan it as part of our day, it is too easy to forget about it. This is certainly something that I am working to improve upon myself. If you have a quiet space to set aside particularly for Bible study, that is ideal... but many of us don't. Instead try to avoid any distractions--- electronics, louder noises, etc. Whether it's first thing in the morning or at night or even during your lunch, try to find a time that works for your schedule that will allow you to prioritize quiet time. (But don't forget to have grace on yourself either!)

Take Notes/Write It Out

There is something about writing things down that for me really helps it to sink in. The Word of Jesus Christ is comprehensive, so taking notes while you study can be a great way to break down and remember what you are reading. This can be anything from just writing the scriptures to breaking them down, or journaling out your thoughts. There is no right or wrong way to take notes during your personal Bible study time as long as it benefits how you learn best. 

Use a Guide

The Bible is not exactly a short read, and that can certainly add to the sense of overwhelming we often feel when it comes to starting a Bible study of any kind. Studying it on our own with no plan? It might work for some, but personally I have found for me I need a little more guidance than that. This is where using a devotional or study guide can truly help. There are many great guides out there, but one that I am currently loving is Carrie Cristancho's Whatever Is True & Lovely. This stunning guide offers helpful tips in digging deeper into God's word and truly does a great job of helping to make the most of my study time. You can read more about it here, and grab your copy at Dayspring

What tips do you have for making the most out of your Bible time? 


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